And here we go again!

And here we go again!

Yup, back to school, back to routine, back to early bed times, packing lunches, car-rider lines, shorter days… I LOVE IT!

But here’s the thing, based on my history and my more creative nature – I probably really shouldn’t — or this doesn’t fit the general idea of who people think I am… or who I think I am….

I lead teacher training. I teach people how to teach Yoga! What a wonderful gift that has been given to me. Each time I spend a weekend with the groups I learn, I change, I evolve, I become more “me” or a different part of me appears I should say.

This past weekend was one of those weekends. This group is so dynamic – not one weekend goes by where we don’t laugh, cry, get frustrated, angry, happy etc. You know, it’s like PMS all weekend long (I kid, but not really :))…

This past weekend was particularly amazing but this one moment will stay with me forever. We were discussing the use of music in class – should you play it? What kind? Why? Why not? etc. and on went the conversation.

At one point I was expressing that the music should make sense based on who YOU are. So, if I were to go in and try to play – oh, some crazy weird rock n’ roll music – it wouldn’t make sense.

Then a puzzled look came over a students face so I asked what she was thinking… and she said…

There are so many parts of me and who I am, so my music won’t always be the same, right?

I had a long pause and just in that moment I almost cried.

YES…YES this is so true!

Music is an expression, it tells a story and like every class we create – while there is something that is familiar and grounding – it’s ART…and part of what makes it art is the music. It should be an expression of what you are trying to convey – what it is you were feeling when you put it together, what you want your class to feel. It’s one of the ways  a class goes from being a bunch of shapes to an experience.

So, here we are now at the title of the blog… Here we go again – my daughters are starting 5th grade and 7th grade. Each year we start the same way. By me telling them they can do ANYTHING they want. BE who THEY want to be. Break the mold – find their voice – express themselves – BE MAGICAL, HAPPY, STRONG.. Be courageous, be BOLD, be SAD, be YOU… Be MORE than YOU!!

I get to remind myself of this while hopefully delivering a message to my dear daughters that will stay with them FOREVER — So that they don’t have to wonder how they are an artist and a project manager at the same time…. they will just understand it’s just a BEAUTIFUL part of them….

Love and Peace – Marcia

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde