Today I’m spending my time doing what used to be my LEAST favorite part of my job managing Flow… and that is the BOOKS!

Yes, I’ve said it, I enjoy doing the books. Once you understand it – it’s actually quite simple and meditative. Do I still make mistakes? Yup, but they can all be fixed and the world doesn’t come crashing down.

For family and friends who know me well you are probably like – WHHHAAATTT??? (insert – Marcia pretty much failed math… but at least didn’t have to be bribed to be a cheerleader in order to pass, that’s another post, another time.)

Because of this “lack of intelligence” I seemed to present during my middle school and high school career I clearly remember being told by my guidance counselor that I would never go to college and never amount to much. I should just go to vocational school and learn a trade…. (insert long pause)…

A of all – what is WRONG with that? and B of all – why would ANYONE ever say that to a 14 year old?!?

I was an artist, a musician, an athlete and an “average” student. I had so much in me and in that moment in time, a lot changed for me. A fire built inside to PROVE them wrong, but at the same time this mission was filled with doubt – it clouded my heart and all I felt I could do was “try” to use my brain – it seemed there was little hope for that, or so I had been told.

Today while I’ve been working on this task – I’ve been listening to an artist by the name of Birdy. I found out about her at a dance competition (who would have guessed) this past summer. One of Bella’s teammates got this amazing new solo to dance to it. It’s been stuck in my mind since I heard it. It’s haunting and literally moved me to tears. Watching this beautiful young dancer dance to it also brought chills to my body.

It’s the end of the chorus that gets me every time…

People help the people
And if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it
People help the people
Nothing will drag you down
Oh and if I had the brain, Oh and if I had the brain
I’d be cold as a stone and rich as the fool
That turned all those good hearts away

As I’ve been working on the books, doing my thing, I put this song on repeat. I couldn’t figure out why until I really paid attention to the last part of the chorus.

Most of us let our minds take over our hearts, we let our brain rule every part of our life.

I used to so much so that I thought I could NEVER keep the books properly. That I would never be able to x, y or z because of my mind.

The mind keeps us so far from our own truth’s, from reaching out and helping others and just doing what is right.

I try to teach my girls to listen to their hearts, to not get caught up in the garbage that rattles around in the mind – the “mind stuff” we call it in yoga. Know what is real, what is the truth and let all the other crap go….

This song really has nothing to do with keeping the books, passing math or anything. It has to do with HUMAN connection, being real vs. being your brain… If we all only could see the beauty of our hearts – we might be a more powerful world.

Until next time…