OK, so let’s try this again…

OK, so let’s try this again…


So the last post I wrote was on my birthday and it was the 10 things I wanted for my birthday. I posted fun pictures with it and EVERYTHING... but then, my computer crashed so alas no post. So, if first you should not succeed try again!

One of my things on that list is to eliminate things from my life that do not bring anything to it. I know that sounds “vague” and maybe a little weird. But last year, being so sick and broken and seeing “who” in my life and “what” in my life actually was there to bring me joy and happiness made me realize how much I needed to “eliminate” from it.

For example – I no longer sit on Facebook as much as I did last year. (I did have a little bit of a problem)… I no longer talk on the phone in my car every time I’m driving. (OK, Amy and Turi you can’t say that this isn’t true – because I’ve cut WAY BACK)… so it’s more like 1x per day I do this vs. every time I am in my car. I no longer waste my time trying to give the same advice over and over again, I spend much less time watching tv (thank you to my husband for just cutting the chord on this – BEST thing in the whole wide world). I’ve stopped worrying what other people “think” about me… and I also have, unfortunately, decided to change some of my relationships. I say unfortunately – only because this is one of the harder things to do.

This last one is the one that has been the hardest. Because it’s not always something that can be spoken, or understood by both people.

But just the other day my good friend said…

Relationships are two sided. (obvious, but this is where it got good.) But when one is sucking the life from the other, the one who is “getting all the energy” will never understand the one who’s been sucked dry and their perspective.

I realized I was letting myself get SUCKED DRY by people, things (yes, FACEBOOK) and other “STUFF’ because in my weakened sick state of the year of my age of 39, I thought I had to still be “all these things” to people – but when I woke up from being sick – realized this stuff, these people weren’t being “all those things” for me.

So, I’m writing this today realizing that one of my “wishes” for my birthday year of 40 has already started to become TRUE! I feel lighter, more free!

I wrote as my status the other day…

We take our garbage out every day… so why do we hold on to so much of it in our bodies/minds? Let it gooo, let it goooo!

So, let’s all try this again, open lid – turn upside down and let the TRASH that no longer SERVES you be gone. And yes, I do still Facebook but in moderation thank you to the advice of C. Everett Koop!

Peace, Love and Joy ~ M