Yup, I was one of those too!

Yup, I was one of those too!

Post inspired by Ally Blaine! Read her blog at https://aspiringashtangi.wordpress.com/

I’ll admit it – I used to be one of those yogis who “judged”. In fact, I still have some strong opinions. But now my opinions are based on facts vs. just a knee jerk reaction to put someone else or something else down due to ignorance (or ego).

Come on – you should admit it too! It’s actually quite LIBERATING to just admit that you judge, have judged or are judging! Seriously – this is what the whole basis of our society is based on – judgement.  (LIBERATION – is the GOAL of yoga….hmmm, funny.)

This post could get REALLY long really quickly as I have so many things to say, but I’ll try to keep it short. The reason I’m posting about this is recently there has been quite an UPROAR in the yoga community about a beautiful Ashtangi yogi named Kino McGregor – maybe you’ve heard of her. (You can read all about it here.)

I’ll be honest – I judged her a little bit too — why? Was I jealous? (Probably ;)) but I think my “opinion” came more from what I was taught about yoga teachers and how they should “present” themselves – something I was taught – not anything about her really. But truly – I think this “judgement” lasted for about a week when I then had the thought – “how the hell does she keep her legs from slipping off her arms” – and then a WHOLE NEW WORLD OF Awe and Respect beamed from my heart!

But I’m actually getting really sick and tired of it all to be honest. Yoga is NOT only one way for a reason. There are MANY ways, styles, approaches for a REASON. We are all unique human beings and for us to say “no, no, it should be this way or that” is just WRONG!

I have studied with Teachers who openly “bash” other styles, other teachers. I have also studied with Teachers who openly “praise” other styles and other teachers – you tell me, which one seems more “Yogic” to you?

Because if there was one right way – then we would all be wearing tube tops and shorts… now that would be a sight – wouldn’t it 😉

There is something for everybody – HOT yoga, warm yoga, cold yoga, fast yoga, slow yoga, hard yoga, easy yoga – list goes on…. I say it’s time that we all get our heads out of our (you know what’s) and start LIBERATING ourselves from judgement, criticism – of who is right, how it should be done. If people are following AHIMSA (non-violent behavior) – then how can it be wrong?

Do you judge me for wearing a shirt that says “Yoga Dealer”?

Namaste friends – xx M