No title (for realz :))

No title (for realz :))

Marcia Hoffheins, hand standIf you want to lead, you don’t need to know everything or do everything.

You just need to give people a way of trying.

I seem to enjoy taking LONG breaks between blog posts. I think it’s because — well, wait, who am I kidding – I don’t have a ton of spare time. Which leads me to this blog post…

The past two years (to be exact) I’ve really struggled with my profession. What, you say? You can struggle being a yoga teacher? And the answer is YES. There is SO MUCH JUDGEMENT within the yoga world — it makes me sick sometimes. I will admit – I’ve fallen prey – but I quickly get myself right back out of it. The only thing I will stand by anymore is – You must be trained, you must be registered and you must STUDY — If you’re not doing those things, then please do not teach yoga. Too much can happen, too much liability… and truthfully – seeing as NONE of us do it as we really should (i.e., 1 on 1 setting, working with the body in front of you) — then it’s our duty to make sure we are R E A D Y.

But this is not why I’m writing today. I’m writing because it finally has clicked for me. It’s been over 8 years, a lot of teachers, a lot of friends gone wrong, a lot of trying to prove myself, accomplish something, a lot of judgement – for me to finally get to this.

Teach what you love and love what you teach!

I know – so simple.

Not really… See, I love it all. I love Yin, I love flow, I love Ashtanga, I love Universal, I love Restorative…. the list GOES ON…. so what do I do? I S T R U G G L E D. Other’s felt the need to tell me I was lost – perhaps in the moment they were right – but their idea of me being lost wasn’t really what was going on. Many told me I had to follow “1 way” – WHAT???? Other’s told me I needed a Guru… hmmmmm…. we’ll see (I thought so too). Other’s told me I needed to certify in ONE style and stick with it, that idea made me cringe.

What every teacher has taught me is that yoga should evolve – so shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t I want to explore all these different styles? Learn as MUCH as I can and then in the best way I know how go and spread the news? Share the word? Teach from my heart – teach what I love?

Why isn’t this ok? Well, it is!! It’s also OK to practice and teach 1 way! Do what you love, love what you do — and that is all that matters!

So, today as I sit here, this is what I am. I am an Ashtanga Yoga practitioner 3x per week on my own kitchen floor. I lead Vinyasa yoga classes (vinyasa = “to place in a special way”). I go to studios and take classes like Yin, Prana Flow, Slow Flow, Universal Yoga and much more. I teach 5 year olds, 10 year olds 14 year olds, young adults, adults and so on. I manage a studio, I love business – I lead teacher trainings and I also live my life.

So you see – perhaps this is why blogs come few and far between, I’m living, breathing  loving and practicing this thing called Yoga (*I also don’t have time to take fancy pictures of me doing fancy poses all over the place ;)) — and most importantly – I am a mother of two gorgeous girls, I am married to my best friend, I am a sister a daughter and someone who is just trying to figure it out along with all of you 1 day, 1 step, 1 yoga posture at a time.

Join me on the mat – won’t you? — find out when I’m teaching!

Peace out – M