Why do I take so long between posts?

Why do I take so long between posts?

Image…is the question I continue to ask myself. It’s not because I’m stirring up something amazing to write about, nor is it because I don’t have time — because I do. I guess it’s because I start to wonder why? Why am I, why do I feel the need to share with so many people who I don’t know?

It’s an interesting thought. And one I have found myself pondering a LONG time – and it goes hand in hand with – WHY do I teach yoga? What made me come to this place? If I go all “yoga-like” on you I’ll say things like – it’s my dharma, or my true self, or it’s a way to share something that helped me. It’s true, but I’m not going to go there.

Here’s why though – when I really boil it down.

I teach yoga to help other people get out of their head – even for a second.

Someone once did that for me and it was and is pretty cool.

I teach yoga because it makes ME feel good.

Not just practicing but also seeing the smiling (sometimes not so smiley) faces staring back at me.

I teach yoga because it brings people together that normally wouldn’t even talk to one another.

And I could go on and on…

So I guess I write this blog for the same reasons.

But why does it take me so long? Because I feel like I don’t want to contribute to the already INSANE amount of YOGA blogs that are out there. They irritate me – (well, not all of them). Same as why I choose who I practice with wisely. It can pollute the mind, make you feel like a lesser human being and can make you almost want to run away and hide. The opposite intent of what everyone is hopefully striving for.

I’m not perfect, nor am I trying to claim to be. No one is. But my goal with my teaching and my goal with this blog is to NOT subject everyone to “my way or the highway” or to create a community that loathes hearing from me – every twist and turn I take…. but instead to maybe say something, see something, teach something that for one second…. one second only helps somoene get out of their head and be more in their heart.

Have a great Tuesday!

Peace OUT!

(Maybe this time there will be fewer than 9 months between posts…)