Impossible? No. I’m-POSSIBLE!

Impossible? No. I’m-POSSIBLE!

Many of you in my life know everything I went through health-wise in 2014.  (If you don’t and you want to, read about it here).

It think it knocked me backwards by 5 years from the progress I had made in my health and wellness. I had weight gain, decreased strength, diminished flexibility, and less stamina.  Not to mention the emotional weight and stress of the experience and from dealing with all of the impacts on my day-to-day life and relationships.

It’s been five long and slow months now since I started to start to feel better. In that time I’ve frequently felt as though I was taking two steps forward and three steps backwards. I got to a point where it felt like I would never get better, it was impossible that i would feel like I did before.

So my motto moving into 2015 is two steps forward, one day at a time and, most importantly…


In keeping with that motto, I started thinking about new year’s resolutions. During this time of year as we wrap up last year and move into the new year, it’s easy to think what will I resolve for 2015? What didn’t I do in 2014? What were my goals and why didn’t I reach them? What do I want to change?

It’s even easier to answer those questions and make a list of all the things you’re going to change in the new year. And easier still to commit to those changes.

But, if you are like me, you get to about mid-January, maybe February if you’re lucky, and suddenly you are feeling like it’s all simply gets in the way with all of it’s responsibilities and distractions and temptations and stresses and…well, you know.

We all want change, we all want to improve ourselves, we all want to be better people, we all envision a better us. And the new year gives us the opportunity to envision the new you and set your sights on all those things. But the root of the problem is that we envision too much change and then become underwhelmed on our lack of progress and essentially we give up. All those damn responsibilities and distractions just get in the way of that long list of changes we want to make.

I think of it like a weed that grows every January and chokes back the green grass we want to grow. One thing I’ve learned is If you want to kill a weed, you have to get at it’s roots.

So why not start the New Year thinking I’m Possible and focus on all the possibilities that lay ahead instead of creating a list? Just open your mind to positive change without being specific in what that change will be. You are possible. Whatever you want, it is possible.We are worth more than our minds make us believe.

I can tell you that it works especially when that unexpected setback comes along. Instead of feeling lack of progress, you feel the possibility of progress which ends up manifesting in whatever area of your life you need to make the most progress. It becomes almost magical when you really get good at it and stay focused on it.

The I’m Possible attitude allows us to face those inevitable setbacks with an open mind and move through them while focusing on positivity and progress without the constraint of expectation.

So ditch the long new year’s resolution list and instead think I’m Possible!

Here’s what I’m saying is POSSIBLE in 2015…

  • Think less, feel more.
  • Live your dreams. Don’t just dream your dreams.
  • Find compassion in all things and let go of judgement and anger (it only hurts you).

I hope you take a few moments to reflect on all the great things that happened in 2014, let go of the things that don’t serve you and move into 2015 FULL of possibilities…knowing that it’s already inside of you and nothing is impossible.


Be strong. Be awesome. Be YOU.

5 tips to a Better YOU in 2015

  1. Set realistic goals. Instead of “Lose 20 pounds,” start with “Drink more water.” See above for more on how I approach this. 🙂
  2. Clear out the clutter. Spend time clearing out the cabinets in the house of all the things that don’t support you. From junk food to the junk drawer, getting rid of useless or negative clutter can be a refreshing motivator (not to mention it can eliminate temptations).
  3. Find a support network. It’s easy to get lost when you go it alone. Find a buddy or two and hold each other accountable. Tell them often that they are POSSIBLE.
  4. Get your SLEEP! Studies show that really none of us get enough sleep. You need about eight hours per night. (And no, trying to make up for lost sleep on the weekends doesn’t work.)
  5. Listen to your body! It will tell you when you need to rest, change it up or keep on going! If you feel tired or run down, take it easy and DON’T FEEL BAD about it.