Every day a new wave

Every day a new wave

This is me – last summer. Standing in front of my most favorite place on earth – the ocean.

marciaocean4 months before this picture was taken, i was laying in a hospital bed – riding the proverbial wave.

2 months before this picture was taken I was standing IN the ocean with my daughters as they taught me how to ride these waves — or “surf” them as they would say.

Some are rolling, some are crashing, some are big and some are small. And it’s an art to figure out how to jump into the wave.

Or, this is what I learned from my daughters last summer. 

I remember just cracking up because I couldn’t figure it out. With such ease though, these two waited for the biggest, scariest wave. I, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with those waves – I wanted the rolling, small waves.

You see, each time one of those BIG waves came my way – I crashed into them. legs flailing, arms waving, bathing suit falling down, sand in nose, ears (you can imagine all the other places) salt water in my face. All I could do as I was washed up on shore to be sure I was covered up.

Oh the humiliation. Yet, I was CRACKING up laughing. I mean, what else could I do?

I would then go back out – reluctantly and try again. But instead of staying for the big waves, this time – I ran….

And this is the story of our lives. These waves are good days, and bad days. They are how we deal with the good and the bad. We laugh sometimes at the bad because “what else are we going to do?” We throw ourselves at the bad days hoping that if we do, they will be knocked down, when in reality we end up flailing and falling and getting sand in our nose. We embrace and hold on tight to the good days. Loving them. Taking them for granted. Not really understanding the beauty of these days.

How do we learn to surf the good and the bad? Accept these 2 beasts with grace and understanding? This is the practice. This is the stuff that makes us human. These are the challenges that face us all.

I liken it to a good yoga class. A long run. A tough work out. A fight with a friend, a hug with a loved one. An argument – a tough situation… you get it. It’s always around us. But we can choose…

Choose to surf or choose to struggle.

I choose to surf.

XO – Marcia

Be strong. Be awesome. Be YOU!