3 quick and easy tips for getting started with your oils.

3 quick and easy tips for getting started with your oils.

The start is what stops most people….”

~ Unknown

doTERRA essential oils

Keep them close and use them often!

Getting started is sometimes what stops us. We don’t know what to do. We don’t want to feel awkward. We are scared.

Well, you TOOK the first step–you have oils… so now what? Use them! That’s what.

Here are three simple ways to make the most of your essential oils.

1)  Put them out where you will use them.
I keep the most important ones by my bed (lavender, serenity, and balance among others); In my kitchen by my coffee (LLV, Lemon (for my water) as well as Onguard) I also keep them in my bathroom and some in my purse. I”m always armed and ready!

2)  Create a routine.
You brush your teeth everyday, right? So, each morning apply your oils (links are to PDF product information pages).

  • Balance on the bottom of your feet to keep you grounded.
  • Slim and Sassy under the tongue to help fend off the afternoon cravings.
  • Frankincense under the tongue to help with inflammation.

3)  DECIDE to use the oils instead of OTC Meds.
This part is hard. It’s so easy to reach for the Tylenol or ibuprofen. The Claritin or the Flonaise. I will tell you if you reach for your oils you will not only feel better mentally but you won’t be putting any more toxins into your body and therefore you will start to feel better physically.

In the beginning I was reluctant as well but the more I saw them, the more I decided to not use OTC Meds and the more of a ritual I made it and the easier it has been for me to use my oils and FIND things to use them for!

Here’s to a healthier and happier YOU!

XO – Marcia