20 oils/day? What? Even I had no clue!

20 oils/day? What? Even I had no clue!

FlowYoga_Oils-1So, a few weeks ago I wrote about using your oils – you have them – now what? And I had a few people ask me for more ideas based on that article.

Low and behold a few days later I was challenged to list out 20 different oils that I used that day (or daily) and I thought, no way.

NO WAY am I using 20 different oils each day.

This got me to thinking — Are we always using the products that we have that are actually beneficial to our overall health and well-being? Why are we needing to use essential oils these days – I don’t remember them growing up? What is happening that we don’t use the natural solutions over the processed, chemical filled items?

So – some quick answers before my list.

1 -No. I know for myself it took me over a year to get to the point where essential oils are now what we as a family grab for before our store bought remedies and cleaning products etc.

2 – It’s because our food and products we use today have gotten so far off track from what they used to be that we need to get back to the basics. Plant based solutions so that we aren’t putting more stress on our system

3 – Yes they were there. They just started taking on synthetic forms.

4 – Quick fix. Easy solutions… equate to better results — or that is what we think/believe.

So here is my list of what I use each day. We use these things (all of us) somehow – but typically they come in bottles that have warning labels on them. My essential oils – the only warning label you will find – may cause a happier and healthier YOU!

1 – Verage skin care system – (3 products) my skin has never looked or felt so good!!

2 – LLV – (3 products) My digestion, energy and daily aches are all in order!

3 – Lemon – not only do I put this in my water for more effective hydration, I also use it to clean my house!

4 – Grapefruit – my favorite thing to add to my laundry to help get out some athlete stink (goalkeeper, dancer, yogi!)

5 – Deep Blue – ooooo, aches from #4

6 – Melaluca – I use this mixed with some lemon, vinegar and on guard concentrate (another product) for cleaning my house!

7 – Peppermint/Wild Orange + Difuser (3 products) – Keeps my house not only smelling good, but also helps keep us energized

8 – Breathe – clearing the passage ways to deeper fuller breaths!

WAIT… STOP right there — that is 17 and I’m only on #8! What else???

9 – Lavender – spray in my closets and on my pillows

10 – Frankincense – under my tongue to help reduce inflammation in my body!

11 – On Guard hand wash

I’ll stop right here! 🙂

Need more ideas? Want to know WHY all these things daily? What are they replacing and how is it helping reduce our toxic footprint in our house and in our bodies? Let me know! I’m a message away!

Here’s to your ESSENTIAL health and your POSSIBLE life!

XO – M