So I’ve got these oils – now what?

So I’ve got these oils – now what?

Essential-Oil-Set-1_thumbIs this you? Is this how you feel? I felt the same way when I started. But it’s now been 2 years and I remember how I physically felt before I started using oils and I never want to go back.

My journey began because I just felt like crap. Dr’s couldn’t tell me why. I’m an otherwise VERY healthy person – I yoga, I run, I p90x, I walk, I meditate, I pranayama, I eat well, I delight in green juice, I watch my sugar intake (ok sometimes)… so, why, why did I feel like crap?

There is this word and it’s called STRESS. Stress.. OMG – but I do all these things so what? Huh? yes. Stress. We all have it. We have environmental stress. Relationship stress. Family stress. Money stress. Exercise stress… let the list go on. So my adrenals were continually trying to figure out what was happening…. I could go on and on about this – but let me get to the point.

FlowYoga_Oils-1So you have these oils, now what? I hear this all the time. Or I hear, I put a drop on but it didn’t work…. that is like saying, I ate a piece of lettuce and I’m not healthier. I was the same way at first… but then, I REALLY dug in. But life forced me to. Don’t let life force you to DIG IN and get GRITTY with your essential oils!

The truth is – each oil has over 50 different uses. You can never stop learning. When I first started using oils, I NEVER thought I would ever NEED Cypress oil… now, it’s my favorite and i use it daily!

I never thought that I would use geranium – but I do – for 2-3 different things.

My family uses the oils for everything. Washing our face, cleaning our house, brushing our teeth, sleep and so much MORE!

If you have oils and are trying to figure out what to do, how to use them, you have questions, I’m your oil gal. You want to educate your family, friends, enemy (let’s face it, if they have less stress they might become your bestie) – then let me know – I’ll help you learn to TRANSFORM your HEALTH with a drop or 2 in your water, under your tongue, on your feet, in your diffuser, on your pillow and EVEN on your body!

Let’s TALK oils!!

email me.. today – don’t wait!