Feel Good- transform your life from the Inside Out

Private yoga classes, workshops, events, desire mapping, and essential oil classes by
led by Marcia Hoffheins and Lisa Lermitte
Want to FEEL better? Have more ENERGY? Shed some POUNDS? and feel FREE and CONNECTED to your life? Then this program is for you!
We all know the latest diets, cleanses, 90 day programs, and exercise fads, but what does it really accomplish and how long do the results really last?
The problem with those programs is that they focus on our outside appearance- which is only a side effect of what’s really going on inside of us. What if you started from the inside? What if you were able to ignite something inside of you that could transform your life? THIS is a different…

In This 6 week program, you will be guided through exploring your personal goals, creating healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits, changing the way you look at food and how to be the BEST version of YOU there is.

In this program you will get:
– weekly emails to keep you motivated (including exercise ideas, recipes and more!)
– 1:1 meeting to personally address your goals
–  a desire map session
–  Essential Oil Kit
6 weeks to a new way of living – let’s get started! Sign up NOW:
Cost: $400
*includes all materials you will need for this program.