What is fear?

What is fear?

handstandFear…  has been creeping up in my life, my friends life, my job life… almost everywhere – this seems to be the theme. I’m learning that there are WAVES that we go through and we go through it collectively… however, most people don’t want to talk about it. They bottle it up inside almost as if they are afraid to face their fears (causing more fear… yikes!)

So, here’s the deal, fear is a bad friend. It’s a bad habit and it’s a broken record. Fear is also motivation, it’s the drag that launches you forward, it’s the GOOD friend who slaps you in the face and says – wake up and go for it!

“There’s no way around fear. Just go through it.” – Tony Robbins

So confusing… So really the challenge is to identify fear and then work with it – instead of fight against it, dwell in it – how can you make it WORK for you?

This isn’t going to be easy, it might even get a little uncomfortable but imagine you allow yourself to wake up each day, look at your fear and welcome it into your life as if it were your best friend. You acknowledge it’s value. You appreciate it for what it has to give you and you allow yourself to walk with it.

fearRecently, I found this picture that shows Tony Robbins talking at a Go Pro event – and this very powerful quote with a pretty awesome image.

Even, just recently, at a very large network marketing event in Las Vegas, with thousands of very powerful people – the topic of FEAR is being discussed.

I bring this up because it’s important for all of us to realize it’s part of our existence. It’s part of being HUMAN. It’s part of the process. I truly am becoming more and more of a believer that if you aren’t scared at least once or twice a week, if something doesn’t make your heart beat fast, your stomach get butterflies — then you are sitting way to far INSIDE your COMFORT ZONE! Nothing magical ever happened there.

So, here’s what I tell everyone, I tell myself each morning I wake up thinking “um… what am I doing?” :

1 – You got this.. no matter what the outcome – YOU GOT THIS!

2 – Just do 1 thing today to take you forward

3 – Listen… like close your eyes, get quiet and REALLY listen. Don’t be scared, it’s just you, and YOU GOT THIS!

4 – You are about to be launched into greatness

5 – Today is a new day and leave behind what doesn’t serve you from yesterday

6 – Remember how you want to feel and how obsessing over this fear or negative thought makes you feel – and ERASE it and do it NOW!

7 – Breathe!

8 – Feel the fear – it’s ok, acknowledge it, give it some time and then move on.

9 – Do something else scary… anything else… Like a handstand (like I did today)

10 – Remember… You are POSSIBLE and you GOT THIS!

So what’s fear… your best friend, your worst nightmare, it’s a kick in the butt and it’s a reminder that you are LIVING and you are doing something meaningful and trying to create change, shift and you are launching yourself into the space you DESIRE…

Go get em! You are Possible!

XO – M