I’m on top of the world

I’m on top of the world

“Your skin looks amazing!”

“What have you been doing? You glow!”

happyhoffheinsWell, thank you. Thank you very much. I’m not one to brag or take compliments well, but these 2 compliments are a direct reflection on the changes I have made in my life over the past year.

I haven’t done anything except change some bad habits into powerful habits.
As a family, you hear me talk about this all the time – we’ve begun using essential oils for pretty much everything you can think of in our home. Skin Care, cleaning supplies, digestive needs and more… With this, my energy, my skin, my health (I should say “OUR”) has dramatically increased. You know, we raised our baseline.

More recently I made a change in my job. I took on a new coaching program (which I’m rolling out in January 2016) and I’ve truly embraced following my heart and my internal feeling – vs allowing my ever wavering and wandering mind to lead the way.
These changes – sound small – however have literally changed the course of action around me. I’ve watched friends of mine start to take on things because “I’ve inspired them to”  my daughters are feeling more empowered to speak their minds and take on new challenges. In creating new open space in me, energetically – I’ve given space for other’s to do so as well.

So – what does this have to do with my skin? And glowing? Well, this is what. When you are happy, whole and healthy on the INSIDE – it shows. I was looking at some pictures of me from many years ago (shortly after the birth of my second daughter) and was like – wow – I want to look like that again. Shiny. Happy. Full of LIFE… somewhere along the way – I let life, work, relathionships – take me over.

Essential oils – have given me my internal health back. My new way of living has allowed me to feel and be stronger than ever.

I want to share with each and one of you more and more as I grow and glow. I want the same for you as I want for myself. If your happy, then guess what, I am too.

I get obsessed with music – and this one song sorta sums it up – “On top of the world” – Imagine Dragons… This one verse:

“Been waiting on this for awhile now… I’ve been waiting to smile, been holding it in for a while, take you with me if I can been dreaming of this since a child – I’m on top of the world”

This sums up where I am, we are as the Hoffheins family right now. Sure there are bumps in the road, but you know what – here we are and we are ON TOP OF THE WORLD…. Won’t you join me?

XO – Marcia