Using Essential Oils with Exercise

Using Essential Oils with Exercise

1103-woman-runningEssential oils can be an excellent tool to help prepare the body for a run, yoga practice, dance class, soccer game, and more or in the recovery process after you’ve exercised.

Everyone–young or old–can benefit from using essential oils before and after a workout.

Our bodies are basically designed to work at their highest performance. But a lot of the time we start off tired or sore from a previous work out; basically, less than 100%. With the right essential oils used in optimal ways, you can help your body overcome these types of physical challenges.

Here are my top tips for using essential oils for “peak” performance and recovery.

  1. Lemon essential oil in your water will help with eliminating toxins, reducing inflammation and will also help keep you hydrated longer due to the amazing nutrients packed in the certified pure lemon oil. Plus you’ll drink more water due to how AMAZING it tastes!
  2. Breathe essential oil blend before you run. Inhale some of the Breathe blend. Just a few drops in your palm, cup your hands, put them to your face, and breath deeply. Or use the Breathe Vapor Stick. Or even take a Breathe blend respiratory drop to free up your airways for optimal breath circulation during your exercise routine.
  3. Peppermint and Wild Orange for a kick start. Who doesn’t need a little kick start to get them going? This powerful duo will help remove any “mind fog” or tired feelings prior to exercising and will energize you.
  4. Deep Blue to reduce your recovery time. Using Deep Blue will help sooth sore muscles and joints, and help relax and calm tension in your body. Deep Blue will also aid in reducing inflammation.
  5. Lemongrass will help with muscle, tendon, and ligament relaxation and repair.
  6. Frankincense Frankincense will come to the rescue with any mishap, inflammation, or lasting damage/discomfort.”

Make the most out of each and every workout with a little help from essentials oils.

To your possible life!
XO – Marcia