Outside my box of comfort

Outside my box of comfort

2015-10-26 18.13.27-1I’ve been out of my game, off my routine and not in any sort of “let’s get work done” mode for about 3 weeks now. I’ve decided to just allow myself to go with it though vs fight or struggle or even get down on myself because of it.

The scene is simple. Life is happening all around me, everyday. Both of my daughters are creating crazy awesome lives for themselves, I’m traveling and sharing my love of what I do and my husbands life is expanding. Then… the people I work with have life that is going on around them everyday as well.

So, what do you do when you start to feel totally out of your zone? Out of your comfortable steady pace? Out of your routine and your life?

Most times, we panic. We worry that it’s all going to come crumbling down. We feel – unsettled. I start to make up stories about what other people are doing, thinking and even saying/thinking about ME! (and that’s crazy cuz truthfully it’s none of my business.) But this is what happens to MOST of us. We start to come undone. We start to let the stress take over. We begin to mentally diagnose a situation that isn’t even real.

But instead, this time – I just sort of let myself go with it. I accepted it and I just let myself get a little out of whack.

I started November with all these ideas and plans about where and what I would be doing. What I wanted life to be looking like come Thanksgiving and where I would be with certain aspects of my business, my job and my life (personally).

Well, most of this hasn’t happened… According to the “goal” metrics.

But actually it is. I am feeling and doing exactly what I set out to do about 6 months ago. I’m FEELING more FREE. I’m FEELING more POWERFUL. I’m FEELING more CONFIDENT. But it took breaking out of my “box of comfort” – you know, my old ways of thinking and doing things to get here. It took me turning INSIDE to figure out the OUTSIDE and to become way more comfortable in this body, this life that has been thrown my way.

And now as I sit here the day before Thanksgiving finally feeling a spark to write. A Spark to re-connect – I realize it was just giving myself space, time and to allow myself to enjoy my life. Enjoy my daughters and their successes. Enjoy my friends and their journeys. To allow for plans to be put on hold and just let it happen at the right time that has re-ignited the SPARK. You see, it’s not that nothing has been happening – but it hasn’t been happening quite the way it looked on paper. I love to project manage, I love to do’s and I even love goals. But when we tie ourselves to them and become so fixated on the outcome that we forget about the journey and the process.

I’ll leave you with this awesome quote/thought from the one and only Tony Robbins – to me this sums up my perspective on stepping outside your box of comfort…

“If you continually focus on all bad things in life, all the things you don’t want or all the possible problems, you put yourself in a state that supports those types of behaviors and results. … If we take control of our own communication with ourselves and produce visual, auditory and kinesthetic signals of what we DO WANT, outstanding positive results can be consistently produced, even in situations where the odds for success seem limited or nonexistent.” ~ Tony Robbins

You’re Possible!

Xo – Marcia