Essential Oils – For the WIN!

Essential Oils – For the WIN!

As my time using Essential Oils for our overall health and wellness moves into years, I often times take it for granted and forget that many are new to their journey and aren’t sure how to use the oils or what to use them for. I also find myself telling people mainly about MY stories as they are so familiar to me.

I recently asked several of my fellow essential oil friends to send me some their experiences on how they are using the oils in their daily life. It’s totally incredible to see how we all use them – for different things! Here are a few of the stories that have been shared with me.


lemonAll about Lemon! – One customers love affair with Lemon

Lemon is my savior. I have used it to:

  1. Get Pen off of my leather seats in my car
  2. Get grease out of my husband’s shorts
  3. Get baked on sticker off of my sons shirt
  4. We had ornaments hanging on t he tree at the studio. I thought I might have to buy new ones for the new girls this year, but we used lemon oil and rubbed off the names of the girls that have quit since last year and we wrote the new girls’ names on!!  🙂

Yay Lemon!!!! (Learn more about the health benefits of lemon essential oil here.)


A little bit of this and a little bit of that – a journey through the symptoms and the oils!

– One drop of melaleuca on my feet every day has eliminated the need for other treatment options.

orange– After a long day at work or when I have just a little bit longer to go, a drop or peppermint and wild orange mix in my hand and breathed in keeps me going. It’s amazing.

– I use a spray bottle of vinegar, clove oil, and lemon to keep the cats from scratching the furniture. Work great!

– I use frankincense and melaleuca on my nose and lips to prevent cold sores and chapped skin this time of year. It’s works better than any other solution to date!

-I had been in the sun too long and put a few drops of lavender with some coconut oil and by the next day it was no longer fire engine red and surprisingly did not even peel.l.


YAY OILS!!!!!!! – One user CELEBRATES her new found love for the oils!

– I honestly can’t go a day without using them! They have changed and helped my everyday living!EssentialOils

– I have extremely seasonal threats. Breathe and wild orange keep me from getting those awful sinus infections (haven’t had one in a year!) and allows me to breath some much easier my nasal cavities have opened up so much since I’ve started using this fabulous combination!

– I can’t go a day without putting a drop or two of Balance at the bottom of my feet.  I went through a period of time this past year where everything irritated me and I was getting irritated because I was irritated oh the struggle so I started putting Balance at the bottom of my feet and it did just that it “balanced” me out and I’ve never felt better!

On Guard and Melaleuca has been my saving grace! On Guard has kept me healthy and protected from germs while working around kids all day! I use Melaleuca in my shampoo to keep me protected from lice and I use a drop to put on my figure nails to keep them strong and healthy!

– My cleaning habits have changed as well, I now make all of my cleaning supplies using oils! My house has never felt cleaner and been healthier. No longer am I putting myself in harms way with harsh chemicals.

– I’ve always been a happy person but it has honesty made such a difference using oils every single day! I diffuse serenity at night I get a much better sleep and I wake up on a better note, I diffuse elevation during the day and my spirits remain uplifted!

Oils are now my life and I love that there is an oil for everything! I’m still learning but it’s exciting when you find a new oil to use for something different!

These stories make me so happy and excite me! To see so many different ways to use the oils for various ailments. If you are looking for some more natural solutions in your home or your daily routine – don’t hesitate to let me know!

You’re Possible! XO – Marcia