BLOWN AWAY…24/7 toxic exposure?!

toxic cleaning and personal care products in your household - essential oil and non-toxic alternatives

BLOWN AWAY…24/7 toxic exposure?!

Day 1 – Essential Oils Course

Did you know it is likely that we all may be exposing ourselves, our families, our pets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to potentially cancer causing chemical?

How, you ask?

By wearing the clothes you are wearing and by sleeping on your sheets and under your blankets every…single…day and night of our lives.

The culprit?

Laundry detergent. 

According to studies, a full 1/3 of all scented detergents contain at least one chemical  (dioxane) that the EPA has said potentially causes cancer.(Click here for an article about the 1/3 claim.)

On average, there are 17 toxins in your toxic laundry detergent that are not listed on the label. These toxins can cause issues ranging from skin irritations to neurological damage.

But it only gets worse…

Dryer sheets are far, far worse.

There are 12 toxic reasons to avoid dryer sheets.

And that doesn’t even include the fragrance chemicals that are likely ADDITIONALLY be in your dryer sheets too.

The best way to remedy this TOP TOXIN OFFENDER?

Step 1:

Get doTERRA’s On Guard laundry detergent here as the first step.

(If you DO NOT have a login to that, contact me and I’ll set you up. If YOU DO have a login, you’ll have to login and then click the link again or login and then search for “laundry detergent”.)


  • It contains surfactants, enzyms, and stabilizers from sustainable, natural-based sources (not petrochemical)
  • It contains a unique, natural-based bio-originated enzyme and preservative stabilizer made from corn
  • It is uniquely formulated to maximize essential oil aroma and efficacy—tough on stains and dirt, but low surfactant/enzyme aroma allows full aromatic potential of dōTERRA On Guard® essential oil
  • It contains 10 mL of dōTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend (which is a value $28 alone but note the price of the entire bottle of detergent is LESS than that–crazy good deal)

Step 2:

Stop using dryer sheets.

Commercial fabric softeners can make you sick.

Many formulas emit chemical fumes like toluene, styrene and phenol that can cause acute respiratory tract inflammation and irritation, according to a frequently cited study by Anderson Laboratories.

Here are six easy, all-natural ways to banish static cling from your laundry:

  1. Add 1/4 cup (or less) of vinegar or borax to your wash cycle or add 1/4 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle.
  2. Switch to a green fabric softener or look for brands made with vegetable-based surfactants, salt, and natural scents (or just make your own!).
  3. Choose clothes made from natural fibers, which don’t get static cling as easily.
  4. Shake out your clothes when you remove them from the dryer before you fold them.
  5. For clothes that are already clean, put it on, then reach up underneath the garment and brush the inside of the garment with a metal hanger, top to bottom. If it’s a pair of pants, straighten or stretch out the hanger by flattening it, then reach up inside each pant leg and brush downward.
  6. Make your own wool dryer balls.

By taking both these steps, you’ll remove a huge source of toxins in your life!

XO — Marcia