Why Essential Oils Work and Were Used in Ancient Times…

Why Essential Oils Work and Were Used in Ancient Times…

When I first started using essential oils, it was mainly because they smelled good.

Marcia was wearing them all the time and she smelled glorious and I like her.

A lot.

Anyway, over time I was simply attracted to the aromotherapy aspects that I most definitely was feeling.

There is one in particular that really got me going early on–Elevation from doTERRA.

I swear that the Elevation essential oil blend is the nectar of the Gods. You may not have the same reaction but for me, it lifts me up, it makes me feel light, it pushes me along. Which are all feelings that are important to me for various reasons. I seriously want to eat the stuff (which is not recommended by the manufacturer).

So yeah, I started wearing Elevation like cologne. And that was just the beginning…

After a while I started wondering what other oils I could try and that would make me feel better. I think On Guard (also from doTERRA) was probably next since Marcia was a big fan and used any time she started to feel not so great.

The stuff smells like Christmas and is also quite delicious. Especially on Marcia.

It was either that or Lavender. Actually I think was Lavender because I wasn’t sleeping well and Marcia said that would help.

I tried it and I can’t say it immediately made a difference in my sleep but I do recall it made a difference in going to sleep which was part of my problem.

Plus, it too smells really great.

But then things got serious. I started to wonder why these things were working.

So I did research like this on Lavender.

Pretty convincing.

And then there was no turning back. I asked Marcia, the resident expert on essential oils, what I should use to “up my game” if you will on getting better sleep.

She recommended rubbing a few drops of Vetiver (you can read my studies on Vetiver here) and Ylang Ylang (read my studies on Ylang Ylang here) on the bottom of my feet every night.

The very night that I started this ritual, I slept ten times better and every night since I have used these oils to sleep better.

I also eventually switched from Lavender to Serenity because I like the way Serenity smells better and because it contains Lavender and Ylang Ylang among other oils.

I was convinced. I’d done the research. But then I wondered why more people weren’t using oils.

Which is why I blog about it.

But one day, around Christmas time, I suddenly realized that essential oils had been a part of my life for all of my life.

When the three kings go to visit the baby Jesus, they bring him Frankincense. And for good reason, which I cover in this post along with why it was so valuable back then. I won’t go to much in that since I do in that post.

The important point though is the “why” behind the use of essential oils in ancient times.

And what was the answer to that why?

Because they didn’t have science. They only had evidence and results that they could experience. And oils produced results so they used them.

It really is that simple. At least in my mind. It’s why modern science is just catching up. It’s also why the big drug companies aren’t too keen on it. They don’t want people to know this. If too many people find out, then everyone will go to natural alternatives which would hurt their business.

But you and and me are why the essential oils market is expected to grow up to 10% per year between now and 2022.

If you aren’t yet using essential oils to support your health, contact Marcia today. She is an expert. If you want to know what to use for what and when, she can tell you.