What it means to win

What it means to win

bestofI’m not great at “winning” anything. Well, I used to not be. I now realize it’s recognition. And recognition comes in many forms. Your pay. Your title. Your status. Winning something.

I typically shy away from discussing this publicly – but now is the first time I’ve ever really understood what this “winning” means for me. To be honored. To be showed that people notice. To be recognized. It’s all something we need. Doesn’t mean I’m the “best” for sure I’m not. There are many others that deserve this award – but perhaps they are being recognized, honored and showed in different ways their worth.

It occurred to me the irony of this award coming as I depart from the studio that I spent 6 years getting to know the students that I grew to know. It seems as though this idea that I won — is because of this place. Perhaps – but I don’t think so. I think it’s because of who I am, and what I stand for. The way I teach – will be the same – even if I was teaching in a box. I used to think that my success was because of someone else. But now, I am finding myself realizing that this “best of” award came from people ALL over. Students who had nothing to do with my public yoga classes. Students who I meet in their homes. In a dance studio. Maybe in a box.

I am not only humbled that I won again this year, I’m overwhelmed. I am more excited about what it means this will do for my peers. My friends. My students. It will help them lift up, rise up and shine. Be bigger, bolder and go for it. Live their dreams, find their spark and shine from their heart.
See – I guess what I’m saying is this… I was made to believe – before – that my success was directly due to the people I worked with and for. That it wasn’t me, that it was more than that. WHY? Why do we take this away from one another? Why can’t I be great? What can’t YOU be great? And why can’t it just be ok that this is how it is? SURE – teams rise and fall together – I get that, yes I do. But we are also individuals – and some times, man, we deserve the WIN. We deserve the recognition and we DESERVE to be seen for what we are and who we are!!

Thank you… for allowing me to be recognized for my hard work for 6 years in Loco planting seeds, pushing buttons and shedding light on each and every one of you. Here’s to 6 more years. Might be a different location – but it will be the same ol me, doing the same ol stuff… I hope you will find me. I hope we will always be — connected.

Thank you again, for honoring me and allowing me to see that you understand how hard I work!

You’re Possible!
XO – Marcia