It’s hard to start…

It’s hard to start…

2015-12-23 15.04.25Ain’t it the truth? And sometimes, even when you do start, all of a sudden, you might feel stuck.

I’m in that “start” “stuck” space in life right now. That space where you are like “um, ok… now what?”

2 weeks ago I spent 2 full days at the doTerra Leadership Retreat in Florida. Sounds delightful – doesn’t it. It should have been so magical. But, I had a crazy migraine and was in the midst of some “uncertain” times. I use quotes, because it’s a loaded word. Even though I was a mess (hot mess) It was magical. I learned so much. But it wasn’t anything earth shattering that I learned. I heard stories of people climbing their way to success (insert their definition of it.. and trust me – each one looked different) who once sat exactly where I sat. 

Started, but stalled. Ready, but stuck. Excited, but worried. Energized, but defeated. 

How do we bust out of this monster? What will it take to break through it? It’s been 2 weeks since I was there, and the wave I road for the week after the event was a HUGE HIGH. And now, with every HIGH can come incredible lows. I need so much help that I don’t know where to start. People in my life who I thought supported me unconditionally are suddenly not showing up for the game in the way I thought they would. My walls feel slightly restricted but not so much that I can’t bust through them. 

Here’s what I think it is. Time. Patience. Gratitude. Faith. Love. Compassion. Forgiveness. Determination and Space. 

Through my work with Desire Mapping, I’ve come to learn it’s all about the feelings. That internal dialogue that we MUST – I mean, we MUST tune in to. We cannot shut it out. Even when the signal is a little bit cloudy. We must listen. 

These moments – we can allow them to define us, or we can use them in a way that strengthens us. Launch us into greatness. Move us into a new realm. Something is waiting for us and maybe it’s not quite ready yet – so that’s why we feel stuck. This thing is so big that it needs time to get ready for us. 

So – here’s what I say. START NOW. GET STUCK. START AGAIN... Just keep going. It’s all happening – you don’t even realize it yet!

You’re Possible! XO – M