Robb’s Story

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Robb’s Story

I’ll admit it. I was skeptical.

When Marcia started Your Possible Life, I loved the name, but I didn’t really see her vision.

Like anyone with a vision and the drive to make it real, she was painting it with reality as it unfolded. And she was doing it slowly, by herself at first, one day at a time. It took me a while to see enough of the details to gain a shared vision for what she is doing.

Now I get it so much that I’m dedicated to helping her continue to make it happen. So much so that she gets mad at me. But that’s another story…

I have issues. Lots of issues.

(Nice segue I know.)

I’m very sensitive.

From a young age I was exposed to events that pressed on that sensitivity to degrees that my mind had a hard time dealing with. I don’t blame anyone for this–I think it’s just my biological combination of genes and synapse connections.

But this sensitivity, combined with various circumstances that I was either placed into or placed myself into, led to lots of pain–that I tried to suppress with drugs and alcohol, or simply by living on the edge.

Many of those circumstances were very heavy and weigh on me to this day. From “losing” my biological father at a young age (and never really having him) to divorce, to the death of a close friend by suicide, to the death of a young boy that I never really knew but whose death I directly contributed to, to a few near death experiences–I have struggled with myself and in my own mind much of life.

To this day, nearing what I would define as middle age, I still have struggles with my mind; with letting it roam into very dark corners that feel pretty horrible.

So why am I telling this story here and now?

Because I have so fully embraced the vision that Marcia has for Your Possible Life that I have begun to transform myself through my dedication to helping her make her vision real.

And I think I am only beginning to transform. I believe I will transform beyond anything that I can even imagine.

Because I am possible. And I will show the world how possible I am.

Stay tuned.