5 Tips for Using Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

5 Tips for Using Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or are finding yourself unable to cope, then essential oils can help you find balance.

Their healing power is unstoppable, so to invite yourself to really heal, it’s best to understand a few simple methods first.

tips for using essential oils for stress reliefHere are five simple ways of unleashing the  healing power of essential oils and some of my favorites:


Self-explanatory and easy! This may be enough to help you change your focus (even slightly), and hopefully help you to feel a bit better about things. This method is especially good if you are really spazing (think road-rage).

2. Add to your shower.

If you try adding a few drops of your favorite oil to the floor of your shower, your whole body will be immersed in an essential oil steam. Energetically, this will aid in cleansing your emotional pallette and create a positive effect on your mind and emotions.

3. Wear them.

Yes, put them on you! You will be sure to feel better as the energetic presence of the oil will bring you a sense of ease!

4. Try a nourishing body oil blend.

Combine 2-3 of your favorites or buy a pre-made blend that is geared towards stress! Anything that has Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Wild Orange – for instance will help alleviate your stress signals and keep your mind calm and cool all day long.

5. Diffuse.

Use 3-4 drops in a diffuser to change the mood of your work, work-out and living space!

Here are some of my favorite essential oils you can try:

1. Frankincense: relaxing and aromatic

2. Lavender: soothing and builds strength

3. Vetiver: restores a sense of absolute grounding and cools those hot emotions

4. Chamomile: calming and soothing

5. Wild Orange: gentle and refreshing

6. Ylang Ylang: releases anger and frustration

…and really, many many others!

Everyone will find the oil that works best for them!

You’re Possible! XO – Marcia

P.S. If you’d like to get started using essential oils, contact me today for a free consultation.