About Camphor Essential Oil

cinnamomum camphor camphor tree essential oil

About Camphor Essential Oil

Camphor is a natural product derived from the wood of the tree Cinnamomum camphor and it has a long history of use in supporting and promoting circulation, digestive health, relief from feelings of anxiety, sexual desire, and feelings of peace and freshness.

This essential oil emits an intense penetrating scent, which makes it an effective insect repellent, especially for moths and flies. White camphor oil is a popular ingredient for moth balls, which is used in clothes and linens. An open bottle or container of camphor oil, or burning a piece of cloth soaked in camphor oil, drives away insects and cleans and purifies surfaces and the air.

Camphor is familiar to many people as a principal ingredient in topical home remedies for a wide range of symptoms.

This essential oil comes from the camphor tree, which is native to Asia, specifically in Japan, Taiwan (Formosa), and China. It was initially widely cultivated only in China, but is now also grown in Sri Lanka and India.

A camphor tree has to be matured enough, at least 50 years old, to withstand necessary mutilation for steam distillation. The essential oil is extracted through steam from chipped wood, root stumps, and branches. It is then rectified under vacuum and filter pressed.

Scientific Research on the Benefits of White Fir Essential Oil

What does the scientific research say about the benefits of White Fir?

Well, I can’t say specifically. The FDA won’t let me because they don’t regulate essential oils. So, if you’d like to learn about the research, you have two choices:

  1. Contact me now and I’ll tell you all about it personally. It’s free, you have no obligation, and I promise–no…I guarantee–it will be worth your time.
  2. Go this government website and search. You can use phrases like “white fir essential oil“. It’s quite simple and you’ll find some very interesting information.