Freshen Up with Essential Oils!

lemon essential oil spring cleaning ideas and recipes

Freshen Up with Essential Oils!

As we begin to open up our window’s and think about some “spring cleaning”, I’m reminded of this quick and easy combo that I use beyond just for cleaning my house.

If you are like me, you have stinky shoes, garbage cans, and various other stinky items around the house (an/or car and/or garage).

Lemon oil and Purify oil are a great combo to freshen up sneakers, goalie gloves and other sports clothing and equipment that gets sweaty, ballet shoes (any shoes), garbage cans, pet beds (and pets too, LOL), and the inside of your car too!freshen up

Lemon essential oil (click that link for an in-depth article on Lemon oil) is a powerhouse oil for aromatically and topically cleaning.

Purify essential oil is an essential oil blend that is designed to eliminate odors and other contaminates.

Simple, easy, and awesome solutions to continue to decrease the toxic footprint in your life.

You’re Possible!
XO – Marcia

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