Essential Oil Recipes to Make Dry, Dull Hair and Skin Glow and Shine

Essential Oil Recipes to Make Dry, Dull Hair and Skin Glow and Shine

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—every essential oil has like 50-100 uses.

Well, maybe not that many but it’s a lot and I find new uses all the time. 😉

The more I learn, the more I experiment, and the more I am sooooo excited about all the uses I find for my essential oils and sharing it all with you.

So I’ve been really frustrated lately with my hair. I have lot’s of hair. Lot’s of dry hair.

Oh, and dry feet too. And dry skin (well, ok, the last one only between winter and spring but anyway…you get the point).

It drives me NUTS.

However, I’ve recently experimented with a few essential oil recipes.

My skin and my hair are looking so amazing right now as a result.

And my feet? WOW, huge difference.

Here are a few of my new favorite DIY essential oil remedies that you can use your oils for versus spending big bucks on treatments, special lotions, or other remedies at the salon and store.

Plus, feeling good about how you look is important. Remember that every little bit counts. It’s not about vanity or ego, it’s about finding all the little ways that add up to making you feel good and stay motivated to becoming a better you.

Essential Oil Recipe for Dry Hair

Marcia Hoffheins, essential oil dry skin and hair recipes

If you don’t know me this picture doesn’t mean much to you but I notice a HUGE difference in my skin, hair and well… feet (not shown, LOL).

Use this recipe to make your hair shine. It’s worked wonders for me and you’ll not only love the results but the smell is pretty glorious too. 🙂

I put this in my hair after I shower (sidenote: I use the doTERRA Salon Essence Shampoo + Conditioner because, well, just read this to find out why) and then I comb it through my wet hair and WOW, my hair is silky smooth…

On my non-wash days (I don’t wash my hair everyday and don’t think it’s good for your hair and scalp anyway), I use only a few drops of sandalwood in my hair.


Essential Oil Recipe for Dry Feet

Ugh, I have my dad’s feet. I know you really don’t want to know this but if you have this too, it’s important to understand because this recipe can help you too.

My feet are sooo DRY. Like to the point they sometimes crack. It’s annoying and I finally found something that really helps.

Rub on your feet once a day before bedtime and in a few days watch the dry skin disappear!

Essential Oil Recipe for Circles Under the Eyes

And finally, my favorite one yet…

Circles under the eyes?

Use a few drops of Frankincense + Clary Sage to smooth them out and brighten up your skin!

ENJOY your oils and let me know if you have any questions!