The Best Essential Oil Remedy for Dandruff

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The Best Essential Oil Remedy for Dandruff

There are many dandruff remedies out there. I’ve tried many of them–especially the dandruff shampoos containing tea tree oil (a.k.a., Melaleuca).

None of them really work all that well. Or at least for very long.

I’ve found a few dandruff shampoos that work at first but quickly stop working with prolonged use. I think this is because trying to treat dandruff with shampoo is like trying to put out a fire with another fire. Shampoo naturally wants to dry your scalp out. So it’s kind of a uphill battle.

I think I finally have found the best natural treatment for dandruff using essential oils.

At first, I logically assumed that Melaleuca oil would be the ticket. It worked but not as well as I expected quite frankly.

best natural cypress and lavender essential oils dandruff remedies recipe for dry scalp

The two oils that I have found to be the best at treating my dandruff are Cypress and Lavender.

Cypress is not one that is commonly suggested as a remedy for dandruff. I tried a few different oils including Cedarwood, Melaleuca, and Frankincense. They all worked but not nearly as well as Cypress has worked.

Literally within two applications I saw what I would characterize as a 80% or more improvement in my personal condition. In any case, it was significant.

I think the Lavender makes sense given it’s potential healing qualities on the skin (not to mention it smells glorious and putting it in my hair means everytime I move my head, I smell it). It also has a soothing quality that I like.

So if you struggle with dandruff, dry scalp, and/or dry skin like I do, give those a try.