Transformation Requires Change And That Is What Is Holding You Back

transformation requires change and can be achieved through core desired feelings and desire mapping

Transformation Requires Change And That Is What Is Holding You Back

Have you been trying to achieve a vision for your life but haven’t been able to make it become reality?

Maybe you’ve been trying for a while…

Maybe you’ve “vision boarded” it…

Maybe you’ve spent time talking about it with your spouse…

Maybe you’ve read a book (or ten) about how to manifest your dreams…

I know you’ve visualized it at least. That’s called dreaming and that’s a great first step.

You are making what you think are the right choices to get you there but it seems like everything around you is not supporting you, or worse, falling apart and getting worse as you work toward your vision.

So you have thoughts and question whether any of it is really possible for you…

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Maybe what I want just isn’t meant to be.”

“Maybe I should just give up!”

“As I get closer to my deepest desires it seems like nothing is working out and helping me get there!”

4955-Muhammad-Ali-Quote-What-you-re-thinking-is-what-you-re-becomingSo this is the cold hard and surprising truth–the facts and the reality…

All this means it’s working, and THIS IS AWESOME!

But it’s completely counterintuitive. And I know what you are thinking…

“Why would things seem to be getting worse when in reality you are making progress toward your vision?”

Well, that question is exactly why so many people don’t ever manifest the reality that they truly want.

You see, as you begin to pursue anything meaningful in your life that is transformational compared to the reality you are trying to change, you begin to live the way you want, and you begin to become someone or something NEW

Your E-N-E-R-G-Y changes.

And that means you start putting out a different vibration–a new frequency.

One that doesn’t match your current reality.

This means some parts of your life that don’t support this new vibration need to fall away, and shift, or even leave your life.


Because those parts no longer serve your new, bigger vision, your core desires, your true path, the new you that you are becoming.

And it’s totally natural when you think about it. Your reality is a reflection of your vibration. It must shift in order for your new reality to take shape.

This is what is required to transform and achieve any vision that is truly different than the one you are living now.

Change is GOOD. Remember this. Don’t let the chaos of feeling like things are falling apart place doubt or fear in your path.

Instead, allow it to tell you that this is your PROOF that your manifestation of your desires is WORKING!

But that is truly the hardest part and why it’s so hard to achieve a truly fundamental transformation.

One that brings about changes in your life that are dramatic.

You must trust. Believe. Have faith. And keep on going.

Learning how to use your Core Desired Feelings to move you forward is easy–if you know how to identify them, how to articulate them effectively, and how to push through the friction that is caused when you begin to change your vibration and achieve new levels of reality in your life.

I have helped many people find their way and push through to new energetic levels. Contact me today for a free consultation to see how we can work together to move you through the transitions without feeling the overwhelm or giving up because you think it’s not working.

I guarantee I can help you become and achieve whatever it is you envision.

XO — Marcia