Sometime You Just Need to Stay in Bed (…and That’s OK)

sometimes you just need a break and need to sleep and that's ok

Sometime You Just Need to Stay in Bed (…and That’s OK)

For the past week I just want to sleep.

Ever been there? Don’t lie, it’s OK, admit it.

You’ve been there. I know it. And it’s OK.

I won’t got into all the details but I’ve been on antibiotics since last Thursday–right as I was entering a very busy weekend (30 hours of Yoga Teacher Training between Thursday-Sunday) and it has WIPED me out.

I wasn’t sleeping well for a good week leading up to this–like waking up every few hours due to not feeling well and then it finally hit me.

Like a BRICK.

And I just want to stay in bed. Not even to sleep, just to rest.

It’s funny, there used to be a time I would be ashamed to admit this.

With my very “healthy” lifestyle, when you are run down and tired all you hear is…

“Don’t you do yoga?”

“I thought you used essential oils to stay healthy?”

I mean, come on. I am human. Ugh…yeah, yeah, I’m healthy. And I DO take care of myself by doing yoga and using essential oils but that doesn’t mean I don’t fall prey to the ups and downs of life.

That’s just part of being human.

(But I do think I fall prey less often because of these things.)

I feel like this dog looks.

This is how I feel. (This is Cookie, my little lover bug.)

For once though, I am listening.

Sleeping in until I feel like I can wake up.

Canceling meetings and appointments that can be moved or just cancelled.

Letting people know how I feel instead of just pretending that I’m great.

Fact of the matter is it feels so much better to be this way than to be in denial about it or try to fake it.

That would bring guilt, internal judgement and…well, self-sabotage on the situation–probably making it worse than it already is.

So, I say if you want to just stay in bed a little longer?


You need to move an appointment or NOT go for that run.


You need to work from home so you can sit in a comfortable space for the day.


Stop beating yourself up because your body doesn’t want to go 1000% all the time.

Let’s listen in, take the signals a little more seriously and be OK with slowing down for a minute (or two or three).

Life only goes as fast as we allow it to.

Writing to you from the comfort of my bed, with my doggie and coffee by my side,

XO — Marcia
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