To Yoga Retreat We Go…

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best essential oils for travel vacation tripsAhhhh a yoga retreat….

Where could I begin. I have been on one. They leave me yearning for more. Have you been on one? Can you visualize it in your mind? I can still feel mine in my body like it was yesterday!
Sandy beaches. Rustic cabanna’s in a tropical space. The best fresh food. Green everything. Mangos, the ripest banana’s. Ocean, sand (did I say sand?). 5 nights 6 days swept away from reality – just being in your body. Enjoying the yoga. Listening to the waves. Yoga 2x each day, meditation at night. A group of women (yeah, i said it women) who are just there to slow down, recharge, amp up on some shakti love before a return to the hustle and bustle of their daily routine.
But then, I’m called to the mountains – What is it about the mountains? Hiking in nature. Cooking your own fresh meals. Being one with the trees, dirt and grass. Solitude. Yoga and hiking daily. Men and women, Couples, singles – all coming together to enjoy bountiful nature. A 4 day long weekend to get away from the traffic, the noise and just be.
I’m torn between these two ideas…But truly the tropical getaway is my top pick!
But hey – I think we should do them both!! So that when we return home – we have these memories and 2 different engrained feelings of how we should want to feel. Learning to feel on different levels often times can then allow for the traveler to return to life learning how to find these little moments in their daily routine
for instance
I’ve learned to find my own little oasis though through practicing yoga on a daily basis in my life. Like, right now. Sitting in my sun room – with the window’s open, coffee by my side, writing a blog. Peaceful. I hear the birds, the cool breeze and my beautiful flowers are greeting me with a smile. Or when I’m sitting on a hot soccer field watching my daughter play soccer. I’m reminded of the hot space where we practiced and the sun beating on my skin brings pure joy to my body. While, I of course, sip on a green smoothie.
Yoga retreats are amazing experiences. These are 2 that I visualize often for myself. Don’t you? Are you looking for or interested in creating your own yoga retreat? Go to EventBrite’s RSVP page to find something that will inspire you back to YOU.
Let’s all slow down, become one with nature and recharge our batteries together – one breath, one posture, one retreat at a time.