Have Essential Oils. Will Travel.

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Have Essential Oils. Will Travel.

How should one travel with ones oils you ask?

Well, how are you using them at home? Pretty much the SAME way and maybe even in more and new ways!

I found magic two years ago when I began to take my oils with me on trips with my daughters for soccer and dance.

Ever since then I don’t leave home without them.

travelI’ve used them to ease motion sickness, freshen up a stuffy hotel room, keep me grounded and balanced during stressful drives, AWAKE during long evening drives, treat the soreness that always seems to be a part of my active girls lives, and so much more!

Let’s face it, traveling is fun (most of the time) but it takes a toll on your body and your mind.

From the stress of getting packed, to beds that might not be the most comfortable, to eating differently, to the change in routine.

It’s the PERFECT time to maintain a steady oil routine and to try some new things.

Here are some great tips that I want to share. Really though, it’s what makes you feel the most at home and the most comfortable during your travels that matters most!

Must Have Essential Oils for Traveling

Breathe, OnGuard, Deep Blue and your diffuser.

If these are all you bring then you will be in GREAT shape.

Breathe essential oil blend to help keep your mind clear, open and focused, to keep your airways free of the stale air on airplanes and hotel rooms, and to help keep you awake when taking LONG drives.

Who wants to get sick while traveling? OnGuard essential oil blend is a little gem I like to use to wipe on my hands whenever I move in and out of foreign places and germs unknown, to rub on my neck/chest (consider diluting with fractionated coconut oil) if I am traveling by plane to help keep any “in-flight” germs away, and it’s also a great way to freshen up my hotel room upon arrival.

Deep Blue essential oil rub. It’s a sentence by itself because it’s so effective. We all get sore and uncomfortable while traveling–sitting in a cramped airplane seat, in the car, sleeping in a bed that our body isn’t used to. It’s the perfect natural and effective treatment for sore muscles and discomfort to stash in your purse and use at a moment’s notice.

And don’t forget your diffuser. I love to immediately setup my diffuser when I get to our hotel room and let it run for four hours while we are out. When you come back, it’s like coming home. Click here for some of the best essential oil diffusers available.

Great Essential Oil Companions for Traveling

The other oils I LOVE to have on hand while traveling are:

  • Lavender to promote a restful night’s sleep (or whatever essential oils you use to help you sleep). It’s also great for soothing sunburns, for bug bites, and with any scrapes etc. you might get along the way.
  • Balance to keep me grounded and stress free (or at least a lot less stressed) during my travels (you know, long lines, and traffic can always get your blood pumping).
  • Wild Orange and Lemon because well, these two beauties are just so awesome. I love to use them to help energize me (their smells are the freshest, most exhilarating smells you can imagine) as well as assist with supporting my digestion as I tend to love to EAT (and eat more of the stuff I don’t usually eat and sometimes, stuff I know I shouldn’t) when I’m away!

Finally, don’t forget to take care of your oils! Don’t leave them in a hot car for too long. And get a travel bag to make sure they don’t get broken.

You will notice a huge difference in your travels just by using these oils and trying out my tips.

Have a great trip wherever you might be going and don’t forget your oils!

XO — Marcia