Finding Your Groove (a.k.a. Life Yoga)

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Finding Your Groove (a.k.a. Life Yoga)

This past weekend in teacher training (yoga teacher training, that is) we took a deep dive into the Yoga Sutras Pada 2 (book 2) and Energetics (koshas, chakras, nadi’s, and more)…

Big, deep conversations always come up as we begin to dig through these sometimes esoteric topics.

Let’s face it, most of us spend our days on the physical plane of the body. This is what we understand, how we know each other, and how we relate.

We are humans and our practice is that of the human condition.

Because of this, we get accustomed to how people are. For instance, me and my family…

My family knows me to just get things done. If it needs to happen, I’ll figure it out and make it so. I’m a problem solver, solutions manager, and in general, the one who keeps things going.

For 6 years now, I’ve led yoga teacher training. The weekends are long and demanding. Your mind hurts, your body is shot, and your emotions are all over the place.

I wonder why do I keep doing it when i describe it this way.

The answer is because it’s such a rewarding experience but I honestly struggle with continuing on sometimes.

But then I can’t imagine my life without it.

But this is not the point of this post…

For 6 years during these trainings on these weekends, I often come home to a family who sometimes hasn’t done a thing all day.

The house is a mess (in my eyes at least), dinner needs to be made, there are groceries to be bought, laundry to be done, recycling to be taken out, and/or kids to be picked up, etc. etc.

This is NOT me complaining–it’s factual and it’s just how things have gone.

My family was so stuck in their “outter” layers of life that they were literally just spinning wheels and thinking “Oh, Mom will handle it!”…forgetting that I had just worked 20 hours in two days.

OK, end of my rant…but still not the point of the post.

This past year…something has shifted. Something amazing.

And it REALLY hit me last night when I came home. Let me set the scene…

I left my sleeping husband at 7:00 a.m. My daughters were not home. I didn’t tell him anything. I didn’t remind him to do the dishes, laundry, etc…I just left. Partly because I’ve learned that if it doesn’t get done, it’s not the end of the world (yup, I’ve changed a lot over the years)…but also because I just didn’t care at that moment.

Last night, things were different.

I came home to a clean home, candles lit, delightful music playing, and dinner almost perfectly timed to me walking through the front door. We watched a movie (of my choosing) and it was delightful. This past year, as I went through teacher trainings this was more and more of the scene.

We have found a groove.

We have found a common language and subtle understanding.

We have broken through a layer and found a new energy.

There is a truth here that I think is very important.

As we take on new endeavors–as I said, the scene I described was 6 years in the making–it takes time to figure out what really is happening and for everyone to adjust and find their place.

While my job and life was changing, my daughters lives were too. And my husbands life also changed.

Some of that change was separate…individual…not related to each of us but only to ourselves and our own life experiences. Some of it was because we were each having that individual change which was influencing and affecting the others in the family.

Our family dynamic of “Mom will figure it out” changed too–and it changed naturally, as a result of the new “postures” we had all achieved.

Really I think it changed as we were achieving the new postures–stretching so that we could all become comfortable in the new poses we found ourselves in.

Because of course, along the way we had breakdowns, we had arguments, there was sometimes tension, it didn’t just happen.

That’s part of the stretching process.

Just like a yoga pose, we had to practice. But practice we did.

As I softened into the “let it be” mentality, they stepped up into the “let’s be solution manager’s” mentality.

It’s all about creating space. Just like in yoga.

Space for us to move past physical barriers. Space to tap into deeper underlying connections. Space to find a new groove. Space to find comfort–each of us in our own way–in that new groove.

You do not have to practice yoga to do this or get this.

You just have to listen. Observe. And then take action.

It’s “life yoga” and it’s truly the best groove to be in.

Go find your groove!

You’re Possible! XO – M