Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise?

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Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise?

“I have accepted fear as a part of life–specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back.”
~ Erica Jong

When I first started teaching yoga I also taught kids. Their practice is different from adults in many ways.

First they like to talk–A LOT! They will actually take over the class if you let them.

But the biggest difference is their approach to the poses. They greet each posture with a totally open mind.


I don’t know about you but I am a little hesitant when my teacher announces we are going to practice standing on our hands–or on our heads–in the middle of the room.


The fact is this hesitation–this FEAR–is what has been holding me back on my mat and off.

A few years ago fear stared me in the face. I had to make some serious decisions about my health and well being and I was terrified.

At first I allowed fear to take the wheel. All of the choices I was making were based solely on the fact that I was afraid.

But you know what? Once I kicked fear out of the drivers seat I began to see more clearly.

The point is that we are all frightened at some time in our lives. The key is not to allow it to paralyze you.

My friend once told me that “Courage doesn’t mean that we are never afraid. Courage is continuing on despite our fears and rising above them.

In recent months I have been experiencing a lot of change in my life.

Friends have moved on and friends have moved away.

My son is growing up and is more independent.

I am sharing yoga and cycle in a new space with new faces.

All of this is scary to me. It’s unknown territory.

But you know what’s even scarier to me? Staying the same. Refusing to leave my comfort zone for fear of what might happen.

I read recently that FEAR can stand for two things:

  1. Forget Everything And Run
  2. Face Everything And Rise

What will you choose?

You are possible,

~ Suzy