Goodbye Worry? (What a Difference a Year Makes…)

You can live the life you desire by dreaming, believing, and taking action.

Goodbye Worry? (What a Difference a Year Makes…)

One year ago, I was full of anxiety. I was full of uncertainty. I had doubts, fears, and lots of WORRY

So I took a sharp left turn in my life, ended some things that needed to be ended, and embraced a vision–a DREAM–that is important to me and makes me feel awesome.

And I am so happy I did because my life will never be the same again…

None of those feelings–anxiety, fear, doubt, worry–are truly gone (because are they ever?).

They are just “at bay” for me now.

What exactly was the sharp left turn and how did I put those feelings at bay, you might ask?

Well, for one (and a VERY important one at that), I stopped living for others and began truly living for myself.

This was something I thought I was doing already until I actually started doing it and realized I’d basically been lying to myself because I was afraid of taking the risk of moving on and getting hurt somehow.

You can either live other people’s dreams or you can dream your own dreams and go after them.

I decided it was time to chase my dreams.

I changed my job.

I turned my focus and attention on what makes me FEEL good instead of what I thought would make me cash and discovered that FEELING good makes me more cash than going at it the other way.

I had to change my job because I didn’t feel good about it anymore and I needed to remove that because it was many hours of most of every week of my life. That is a lot of “weight” that had to be dumped so that I could feel “light” again.

I let go of relationships that were causing me to feel small or less than I know that I am.

I made a very important decision–that I’m not for everyone.

And that THAT is OK.

Relationships come and go. The ones that are meaningful do not.

Letting go of unhealthy and negative relationships is not just OK, it’s liberating and freeing and, let me tell you, very HEALTHY.

This also helps you realize which ones really do matter and which ones are fulfilling you.

I also changed how I “run” my home.

…but that’s a post for another day.

So yeah, I definitely ended a few things. And it was hard.

It was also flippin’ scary as all get out.

But it was so worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Don’t get me wrong–I fully admit it–I still worry sometimes that my dreams are not going to work out. I still have fears and doubts and, yes, even anxiety.

But I use my BELIEF that everything will work out, and I use my vision of what I want–my DREAM–to keep that worry “at bay” and to keep me moving forward.

Worry only breeds anxiety, doubt, and fear.

And that right there is the key–finding whatever it takes to get that worry out of your life as soon as it comes up and as often as you possibly can.

Whenever I worry, I now just focus on my dream and my vision and do something to move me closer to it. I choose to believe it’s going to go my way and then I keep on going.

That is the main thing that helps me “get the worry out”.

But I ain’t gonna lie, my path has not been without bumps and those bumps are the root of worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety.

And my path has not just had small bumps but some really BIG ones too. AND I know there will most definitely be more bumps in the future–small and big.

But I know that bumps are part of ANY path and you either learn to hold on tight, keep your foot on the pedal, and use “shock absorbers” for your life, or you let the bumps wreck you.

I choose the pedal and the shock absorbers because I’ve been wrecked before and it’s no fun.

Shock absorbers like doing what makes you FEEL good, and minimizing negativity and unhealthy relationships, and truly crafting a vision for yourself and using that to keep you on course and to squash the worry whenever it’s ugly head pops up.

But what stopped me from moving into these new spaces previously?

Why did I enjoy remaining complacent and in the “day-to-day” when I have so much more to offer and to give and to achieve in this life?

Why did it take me so many years to get here?

I am sure you’ve asked yourself these same questions in the past.

What does it take to start living the life you truly desire? What does it take to hold on through a sharp left turn to that new path you want to be on?

You have to start living today–and living it one moment at a time because that it is all that exists and therefore, all that matters.

You have to start choosing you first in each of those moments. You have to love YOU more than anyone else.

You have to start living a dream and believing you can obtain it AS you dream it. Without your own dream, you’re just letting someone else use you to achieve their dream.

And, most importantly, you have to go into it understanding that there are going to be moments that will be uncomfortable–there are going to be bumps.

You’ll shed things that don’t serve this new you–this new path–which means parts of you–parts of your current existence–will end.

You will end some things in order begin.

Those endings are the beginning. They will be the end of that sharp left turn that you will have just come barreling out of and the beginning of your new path.

So it WILL be uncomfortable at first. I can tell you from experience.

But you WILL be happier. And you WILL have breakthroughs. And you WILL achieve your dreams.

As long as you dream and believe and take it one moment at a time.

My end was when I said goodbye to letting doubt, fear and anxiety rule.

And my start was letting my DREAM and my BELIEF shine whenever the shadow of worry starts to creep in.

You ARE Possible!

XO — M