Essential Oils as Men’s Cologne?

men's cologne with doterra essential oils

Essential Oils as Men’s Cologne?

I was at work the other day and a co-worker asked me what cologne I was wearing.

I asked him why.

He said “Because it’s awesome and I want to get some.”

“Well…”, I said, “it’s actually Vetiver.”

He said “What’s Vetiver?”

And so it began (at least for him).

It got me thinking though that there are probably other oils and combinations of oils that would be great as men’s “colognes”. So I did some searching, some experimenting, and came up with these.

What You’ll Need

I’d recommend getting one of these bad boys–a glass spray bottle–to put these in. You can give the extras as gifts. 🙂

Another option is a roller ball bottle like this one. Works really well. I’ve tried both and like them both so it’s just a personal preference.

* If you choose the option of water in these recipes, be sure to shake your cologne before use each time.

The Wellness Yogi

I used to practice yoga a lot (not so much anymore) and Marcia and I actually owned our studio for a time. This recipe somehow reminds me of yoga.

The Hippie

Admit it. When you smell Patchouli, you think of hippies. At least you do if you are my generation or older.

Well, this cologne recipe definitely has a hippie element to it. And I absolutely love it. I wear Patchouli oil all the time but I like how this adds different, earthier, dimensions to it.

The Dark & Handsome

My wife named this one.

I am not “dark” so I don’t understand.

Anyway, you definitely want to use Fractionated Coconut Oil on this one due to the Clove. I learned the hard way that you have to dilute Clove or you will “burn” your skin. Trust me, not worth it, use coconut oil.

Enjoy! – Robb