150 Uses for the dōTERRA Home Essentials Kit

150 Uses for the dōTERRA Home Essentials essential oils kit

150 Uses for the dōTERRA Home Essentials Kit

Too many oils…

Too many uses…

Don’t know where to start and especially what to do with each of them.

So I just won’t do anything.

Does this sound familiar? It was me when I first started using essential oils so I get it.

These 15ml bottles are filled with 250 drops of oil each. And for the most part, each drop has 50-100 uses.

O. M. G.

It would take you…me…us a lifetime to learn all those uses. But that’s part of what is so amazing about these amazing gifts from nature.

You’ve probably been to a class (maybe it’s been a long time). Maybe you’ve had a 1:1 meeting. Maybe you just bought them because you wanted to be in with the hip kids…  😉

No matter how you got here–having essential oil’s in your home–you need more information. You need to know how to use these gems.

Because they truly are gems and as more time goes by, the more it becomes clear how truly valuable essential oils may end up being to our collective health and wellbeing.

Read this article to see what I mean.

But back to the point–to this day, I still don’t know everything I need to know about how to use essential oils and what to use them for, etc. Even after having used and studied and educated others on them for several years now.

So whenever I come across something new or a resource that helps expand my knowledge in this area, I try to share and I just came across a really great one!

This awesome document was created by dōTERRA to help us all (it’s a PDF and will open in a new window/tab). It’s a “150 Uses for the Home Essentials Kit” (yes, 150…there are NUMEROUS more!).