Fighting Off Those Seasonal Health Threats

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Fighting Off Those Seasonal Health Threats

Recently I started to feel a little run down.

I mean, long drive to Florida + Broken Down Car = Stress–it was BOUND to happen.

As soon as I started to feel the aches and whispers of the gunk, I headed straight for the good stuff…

green juice vitamins nutrients immune booster health wellnessI started out by drinking a green juice which is JAM Packed with great vitamins and nutrients to boost your immune system (links are to info. about each):

  • Celery
    • When extract was taken from celery seeds and combined with harmful bacteria compounds that cause infection in humans, the celery extract was able to significantly purify and reduce the bacteria’s growth, suggesting celery can be used to naturally boost immunity and fight bacterial infections. (Source)
  • Spinach
    • Along with kale, this leafy green packs a powerful punch; both are loaded with antioxidants that shield immune cells from environmental damage and encourage the production of bacteria-busting white blood cells. In addition, the antioxidants in spinach protect the enzymes that repair DNA damage, thereby enhancing your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself. (Source)
  • Lemon
    • Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system. On top of that, lemons are very high in bioflavinoids that destroy harmful free radicals that damage blood vessels and cause inflammation. (Source)
  • Pineapple
    • Also packed with vitamin C. Plus, and one cup of diced pineapple is only 77 calories.
  • Green Apple
    • Green apples with pear intake has been associated with a decreased risk of asthma and a decrease in bronchial hypersensitivity. Green apples are full of vitamins and minerals that can help strengthen the immune system by helping your body fight off allergies and allergic reactions. If you are suffering from asthma, eating at least one green apple a day will help boost your immune system and manage the condition. (Source)
  • Cucumber
    • Cucumbers contain numerous antioxidants, including the well-known vitamin C and beta-carotene. They also contain antioxidant flavonoids, such as quercetin, apigenin, luteolin, and kaempferol,6 which provide additional benefits. For instance, quercetin is an antioxidant that many believe prevents histamine release—making quercetin-rich foods “natural antihistamines.” Kaempferol, meanwhile, may help fight cancer and lower your risk of chronic diseases including heart disease. (Source)
  • Ginger
    • Ginger has been found in the scientific research to help balance the immune system to restore it to proper functioning. Ginger has also been found to enhance the protective functions of the immune system. (Source)


doterra onguard immune supporting soft gelsThen, I immediately grabbed a hold of my dōTERRA Essential Oils and bundled up for a good night sleep.

For the first time ever I took the OnGuard Protective Softgels and WOW did they do the trick.

I took 2 of those before bed and I also:

While the next morning I can’t say I felt 100% normal energy (which was more due to my cutie Charlie keeping me up all night), I can say that the feeling of the sickies was gone!

Let’s Stay HEALTHY, STRONG and On TOP of our game this winter!

XO – Marcia