Emotional Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends for Emotional Support and Coping

Emotional Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils are amazing on so many levels and I am taking my learnings to ALL new levels….

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite blends that are resonating with me right now and how to use the oils beyond the more practical/physical aspect.

For all these blends, you can put them in a diffuser – 2 -3 drops of each. Or add 5 – 10 drops with to 10ml of Fractionated Coconut Oil in a roller ball and dress yourself up! 🙂

Transition Essential Oil Blend

Rosemary – the oil of knowledge, holds you while you transition.
Sandalwood – the oil of sacred devotion, the gentle reminder that you are right where you need to be and you can do this!
Lavender – soothes us when life feels hard or scary.

Root to Rise Blend

Feel totality, we are both limited and limitless – accept and LOVE all of it.

Vetiver – roots, the oil of centering, deep meditation
Marjoram – heart opener – oil of connection
Ylang Ylang –  heart opener, oil of the inner child
Melissa – brings us to the light, oil of light

Empower Me Blend

Douglas Fir – generational wisdom, draw on the wisdom from the soul
Clary Sage – clarity and trust
Ginger – oil of empowerment, take this wisdom and make it your own


I also love to take these oils, add them to my *root to tip serum* and put it in my hair so I can smell them all day long.

XO – Marcia