Pollen, Pollen EVERYWHERE!

Pollen, Pollen EVERYWHERE!

Holy cracker jacks – the pollen is EVERYWHERE – and man, it’s in full effect this year.

So I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled program to get this one OUT the door!

If you don’t already have these things on hand – stop what you are doing, log in to your doTerra account (need help – reach out and I’ll get you hooked up) and order these things – STAT!

My recipe for a successful, non-sneezy spring!!!

TriEase (10% off all month long) – preformulated to keep the guess work OUT of the equation
Breathe drops – upper respiratory support
Breath Oil and / or Breathe STICK
Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender – to diffuse ALL DAY LONG!

In addition –
– Up your green juice
– Drink your warm water + lemon (fresh lemon juice or lemon oil) every morning
– Get plenty of REST!!!

Need a quick DIY recipe to save the day?

Spray all over to keep the pollen at by!

Here’s to a non-drowsy, non-sneezy, non-mucus-y Spring!

Go enjoy the weather!

XO — M