If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

yoga and essential oils make the hoffheins a happy familyI would say that we are normal people, just like you. But that wouldn’t be quite true and I am an honest person.

We are normal in that we dream and we want more for our family and for ourselves. We want the best, happiest life–full of love and laughter and health.

I think what makes us different is that we’re happy regardless of those dreams, or whether we’ve reached them yet, and because we don’t stop even though we are happy.

I think most people have dreams, want them to come true, try and fail, and then are unhappy because they haven’t achieved their dreams or because they failed.

What we’ve learned is that happiness comes from the heart and from the pursuit of your dreams but more importantly from dreaming and dreaming BIG without attachment to any specific outcome.

Because when you do achieve a dream, your dreams just get bigger so you might as well enjoy the path instead of feeling bad while you constantly pursue a moving target.

Ready to achieve your dreams?

It takes mindset and determination and a little bit of patience.

And make no mistake–it takes hard work…

Yet people will work (hard) their entire lives for someone else but don’t want to spend a few years working hard to create something for themselves that will replace that with something more fulfilling and rewarding and, quite frankly, more financially supporting.

I don’t get it.

If you want more–freedom, wealth, happiness, love–you just have to start taking the right steps and that starts with the first step. If you never take it, you’ll never take the second or third.

And it’s not what you think it is. Which is why so many of us never take the second or third step–because that first misstep stops us in our tracks. Every time.

In less than a few months, I went from enjoying the benefits of essential oils to discovering that by sharing them I could also make money and within a year was making enough to pay for my monthly oil supply 10 times over.

It didn’t start that way–I needed them for real health and wellbeing reasons. But once I was hooked, all it took was someone telling me that I could share them (which I was already doing) AND make money by doing it.

It’s not selling, it’s truly just sharing something you love so the selling melts away because it’s a conversation about something so amazing, you can’t help but sell it.

I now have a team of Wellness Advocates that work with me sharing the benefits fo dōTERRA Essential Oils. And they all started just like me–a love for the oils and a drive to achieve dreams.

Take that first meaningful step…

If you want to achieve your dreams, and do it sharing essential oils, I can help you get there.

And if you are wondering…”how much can I really make doing this?”, let me just point out that the essential oil market was about $6 BILLION in 2015 and is expected to grow to $14 BILLION by 2024.

The first step is to contact me so we can talk about your dreams and find out what steps you’ve taken that have held you back.

My expertise is in helping people see what’s holding them back and then helping them to remove those blocks.

Marcia has a presence and personality that brings out the best in people. She believes in you so that you can’t help but believe in yourself. She pushes you outside of your comfort zone and encourages you to challenge yourself in order to grow. She teaches you to always ask “why” which in return guides you to think about things in ways you never have before. Marcia has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she generously and selflessly shares to help you accomplish your goals; whether your goals are growing…or simply feeling more balanced in your life. – Anna P.

The beauty of this, and why it works and has worked for so many of my clients, is that the first step, the one that really matters, becomes easy–all you have to do is talk to me–and then the next steps, the ones that will change your life, become so much clearer and effective.

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