About Marcia Hoffheins

Marcia Hoffheins, Yoga Teacher, Life and Business Coach, Wellness Advocate, Essential Oils ExpertMarcia is the founder of Your Possible Life and is eternally optimistic that all good things come to good people but you can’t just sit back and wait!

She is a ERYT-500 Certified Yoga Instructor, runs the Your Possible Life School of Yoga, and a Holistic Wellness and Life Coach & Mentor. She is an expert in helping others achieve the life they desire through a comprehensive life practice based on The 9 Tenants.

She has two beautiful daughters who rule her world. A husband who she’s madly in love with. And her lifelong dream of helping people is what she does–sharing the practices of Yoga and Holistic Wellness, and helping others see the infinite possibilities that this life has to offer.

Join her for some classes at The YogaShak in Ashburn, Virginia, hire her for private personal or corporate yoga instruction, and learn to live a better life with one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and counseling.

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