Tips for Building Your Essential Oils Business

You can build your Essential Oils business by simply doing what others have done to reach Presidential and even Presidential Diamond level in the company.

These are proven tips from me and from others who have reached the highest levels in the Essential Oils business.

  1. Be patient. This is not the lottery. It does require work and it will take time. But if you put that work in and take the time, you will see results (see #2 below). If you are willing to be patient, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.
  2. Be consistent with the basics. If you consistently hold classes, have one-on-one meetings, mentor your downline, freely and honestly share your experiences and successes with essential oils and the business, and follow up on every opportunity, it will happen for you.
  3. Listen to your mentor(s). They’ve been there and they’ve done it and they are there to share their experience, knowledge, and tips like these. Listen to them and you will advance more quickly.
  4. Have faith and believe in yourself. This is last on the list but I think the most important tip. If you believe, you will achieve. I have seen it in my friends, my family, and myself. As soon as you question or waiver, you lose momentum and begin to work against any progress you have made. The impact of losing faith, not believing, and low confidence is subtle in the moments of your life but significant in getting to the dreams that you have.

If you focus on these fundamentals, you will be successful!