It All Starts Here and Now

What Are You Waiting For?

essential oils class coachingIn order to truly grow, we must get uncomfortable–frequently–by facing our vulnerabilities. And, more importantly, become comfortable being uncomfortable.

Being vulnerable is the first step–and the bravest thing we can do.

Think about it. Successful people are successful because they let themselves be vulnerable by putting their ideas out into the world, by stepping up in front of us all and sharing themselves completely, by not letting their fear keep them from being who they know they can be.

They don’t let fear of judgement, or even fear of loss, prevent them from maximizing the opportunity of life.

But facing our vulnerabilities isn’t the single key to success.

We must become “naked” to ourselves so that we can see ourselves as we truly are. Then we must learn to accept ourselves so that we can walk “naked” into the world and show up how we truly are–with confidence and pride. This is the process of overcoming our fear of being vulnerable. That’s the first key.

The second key is to do the work. Accountability, conversation, and pushing yourself to your edges creates breakthroughs that reveal new outlooks, new goals, and new ways of being.

The only way to have a true breakthrough is to do the work.

You must fill your mental and emotional toolbox with tools that you can reach for in those moments of opportunities that will change your life in the way that you desire.

I will guide you in finding or creating those tools. I will create a space for you to get raw and real so you can integrate those tools in your life.

I will show you how to be strong, and awesome, and be the you that you know you can be.

90-minute Session

Grounding and Goal Setting

In this session, we’ll go deep to set the foundation and establish your goals. Some of the things we’ll cover…

  • Get grounded in your own core values to connect deeper and define you.
  • Define the language you use to speak and think your reality into existence.
  • Identify the blocks, barriers, and the inner critic voice that is holding you back.
  • One goal keeping you up at night? Get clear on strategy and create an action plan now.

Price: $125

Three 60-minute Sessions

Clarity. Connection. Creation. 

We’ll start with “Grounding and Goal Setting” and then take it to the next level by exploring the drivers of your desires.

  • Establish the roots of your core values to better understand what you want and why.
  • Explore the power of value-based goals to create action aligned with your deep rooted truths.
  • Expose and unravel the ego aspects that have been holding you back.
  • Define the tools required for you to overcome your ego, your inner critic, and the fears they create.
  • Create a crystal clear vision for the future you want to provide direction and inspiration that keeps your energy high.

Price: $325

Marcia has worked with me on several different personal goals and she is a wonderful mentor for anyone wishing to affect personal change. I sought out Marcia to improve my yoga practice but what I got was an overhaul of my joy. At the time I was feeling stuck in a rut and generally uninspired (that’s right, yogis have bad days too). Marcia helped me to identify the energy that I wanted to invite into my life and since our work together I have been on a path that aligns with my joie de vivre. I would highly recommend working with Marcia for the support she provided me on my journey. She is truly a gifted mentor and teacher.

~ Julie S.