Sparkle On

Sparkle On

For what? For EVERYTHING!

In the past, this seemed to be my inner dialogue all the time.

But not this year.

This year is the year of NOW. It’s the year of POSSIBILITES. It’s the year to LOVE ME FIRST (you may recall F.L.Y., “first love you”). I’m over waiting for tomorrow. I’m done with second guessing everything.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the idea of “why not me” vs. “why not me”.

Wait. What?

“Why not me” as in I deserve as much as anyone else in this beautiful life no matter what the circumstances may be vs. “why not me” as in why don’t I have as much or why have I not achieved as much (or whatever, insert your own “why not” here) as some other person in the world to which I might compare myself.

…No matter WHAT the circumstances may be.

Read that again…no matter WHAT the circumstances may be. Because here is the thing, all we have is what we are doing–the here, the now, this life…so why not just take it as it is and go make the most of it…no matter what the circumstances may be.

If you have an idea, don’t wait. DO IT NOW! Otherwise someone else will! I can’t tell you how many time I have had an idea but not take action and then either come across it later or come to find someone else eventually had the same idea and took action on it.

If you have a goal, GO FOR IT! There is plenty of EVERYTHING to go around–ideas, money, happiness, LOVE, whatever it is you want. The universe is infinite. It’s easy to forget that when circumstances aren’t what you’d prefer they be.

If you want to feel good, FEEL GOOD! If you feel good, then people around you feel good and we ALL feel good! It’s contagious. Positive energy creates and attracts positive energy. Negative energy drains and repels pretty much everything.

Don’t let someone else’s (or your own) lack of belief in you hold you back. Your worth is more valuable than their judgement.

Your worth is as much as anyones in this life.

Don’t allow someone else to steal your POWER. You own it. Wield it with confidence and positive energy. You can achieve anything if you use your power and just believe.

Don’t let a rainy day take away your happy. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! There are so many things in this life to be happy about–friends, family, pets, air, water, LOVE.

I’ve had a lot of “circumstances” in my life that could have destroyed me or at least taken me down some destructive path–the death of my Mother, bankruptcy after finding my passion, loss of friends, marriage struggles, and more.

What I’ve learned is that life is short, life is precious, life can knock you down, and most importantly, life goes on.

If you remember that–that all things come to an end eventually–and that you are what you believe and what you feel, you can and will get through ANYTHING no matter the circumstances.

I am not saying don’t let yourself mourn or be sad or mad, I am just saying don’t let yourself become those things.

It’s a feeling. It’s FAITH. It’s a drive inside of you waiting for you to take the wheel. But just like pretty much anything in this life, it takes practice.

It’s something that we hide because we are scared. We’re scared of failing but if you don’t try, you cannot succeed. You have to be OK with failing sometimes.

Because let me tell you, fear is a liar and liar’s don’t usually get far.

A few weeks ago I had a business correspondence with someone I am booking to come do a workshop at the studio where I work. She did a very simple but brilliant thing at the end of her email to me. She said:

“Sparkle on.”

And I say YES. We are all diamonds–rare, strong, beautiful, and unique. We should all “sparkle on” because we all deserve to sparkle.

XO – Marcia
Be strong. Be awesome. Be YOU.