The Energy Pyramid

The Your Possible Life Core Energy Pyramid

The Energy Pyramid

The Your Possible Life philosophy is that possibility is only limited by your feelings—and feelings are directly attributable to your energy levels and the nature of that energy (positive or negative).

This philosophy is explained by what we call The Energy Pyramid.

The Energy Pyramid is a metaphorical framework derived from the teachings that we’ve studied over the years rooted in Hindu philosophy and yoga tradition (prana) as well as modern sports psychology and physiology.

It is the foundation for and lens through which we view everything that we do with Your Possible Life and in our personal lives.

It is the guidance system that keeps us focused on that which we desire and that we know is possible.

As you will see, the metaphor works well in that it captures the interconnected nature of the energies involved, the multi-layered dependencies within each, and the directional nature that all of this lends to you achieving the untapped possibility that is present in your life.

The Energy Pyramid is complimented by The 9 Core Tenants which we will be exploring, articulating, and sharing soon. The core tenants are the daily practices that support The Energy Pyramid—they are the bricks and mortar that help you build a strong personal pyramid in your life.

No one is perfect. And no one can always be 100% in tune. But with knowledge and practice of The Four Core Energies and The 9 Core Tenants, you will become what you know in your heart you can be.

The Four Core Energies

The Energy Pyramid is comprised of four core energies:

  1. Physical energy (health)
  2. Emotional energy (happiness)
  3. Mental energy (focus)
  4. Spiritual energy (purpose)

These energies build upon one another and support each other and as you begin to foster a lower level energy, the next level energies are automatically activated albeit at a varying level depending on your focus and progress on each.

Ultimately, the energies build a momentum that produces a clarity of spiritual purpose that moves you upward and beyond what you believed you could achieve before reaching that level of the pyramid.

Physical Energy: The Foundation

The foundation of the pyramid is physical energy or health and fitness.

The Your Possible Life Energy Pyramid Layers Foundation Physical Energy

It is the foundation because nothing is possible without this core energy and it’s really quite simple logic—if you lose this energy, you lose your life force.

Physical energy is truly the core of the core energies.

It is derived from and increased by a few key activities.

  1. Physical practices
  2. Physical exertions
  3. Physical renewals

Physical Practices

In order to even begin to produce your potential, you must use your physical machine in order to keep it from degrading.

You are a highly evolved, precision physical instruments. And just like mechanical machines, if you don’t put the right energy sources (nutrition) into your physical machine and regularly exercise the machine (fitness), it will stagnate and sputter when you most need it—in trying to achieve your potential.

Physical practice is about consistent, frequent, and sustained physical exercise and the associated care and feeding that is required to maintain the practice.

According to the International Labour Organization, inadequate nourishment can cut productivity by up to 20 per cent.

This is why we promote wholistic health, yoga, and natural products such as essential oils. You must strive for purity in the feeding and care of your physical body, and to remove unnatural and ineffective sources of healing and energy from your life.

Physical Exertions

If you are to reach new levels within your personal pyramid, you must have increased levels of energy. Just as you would upgrade an engine in a car to go faster, you must upgrade your physical machine if you expect to manifest your potential beyond your current state.

This does not mean you must become a professional body builder. It does not mean you need to run a marathon (or even run at all).

It just means you must push to your edges—take yourself regularly beyond your current state.

That may be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or going for a 10-minute walk at lunch instead of checking Facebook.

The focus is on your current state specifically because as you progress, your measure rises along with you. In other words, we do not believe in a focus on the long term as that can be discouraging (it’s called living in the gap) but instead focusing on just going beyond wherever you are so that you continuously experiencing incremental growth.

This has a multifaceted effect on you—it makes you feel physically better and emotionally better (the next core energy in the pyramid), and through those feelings it builds upon itself and reinforces itself which creates momentum for the other energies, and for you in general, toward sustaining your progress and achieving your potential.

This is another reason we promote and advocate for yoga—it is a wonderful physical practice that constantly asks of you to push yourself beyond your current state (at least if you have a good yoga teacher).

Physical Renewals

Unlike a mechanical machine that essentially works linearly until it’s energy source is depleted, you operate on what is called ultradian cycles (or ultradian rhythm).

Regardless of your level of exertion, you must physically renew in order to be your most effective and to maintain that effectiveness.

This is quite simple in that it involves the obvious rhythm of sleep but also, and very importantly so, frequent positive energy rituals.

Go to sleep at the same time every night. Wake up at the same time every day. This creates a rhythm that your body and your mind adjusts to over time (and rather quickly). This rhythm is important and you must attain and become familiar with it. It is your best friend.

Sleep is the first and most important of the positive energy rituals.

When working in a focused manner at something productive, be sure to take breaks. Research has shown that the average human can only sustain focus for a short period of time without the need for a break and that doing so allows us to energetically renew.

Taking breaks (and, in so doing, having compassion for yourself) is the next most important of the positive energy rituals.

We will explore physical energy in much more depth later.

Emotional Energy: The Wind in Your Sails

We like metaphors.

In this metaphor, if physical energy is the boat (the foundation, the hull), then emotional energy is the wind that keeps your sails full and pushing you forward through the friction of the water (which is this omnipresent life that we all endure and that sends wave after wave of challenges to overcome).

The Your Possible Life Energy Pyramid Layers Emotional Energy Happiness

Emotional energy can exist without physical energy but it cannot be sustained for nearly as long. If your foundation has holes, the boat will leak and take on water and no amount of emotional energy will keep you moving through the water.

At it’s core, emotional energy is happiness but it goes beyond happiness to a multilayered cake of feelings like satisfaction, confidence, compassion, and love (to mention just a few).

We will explore emotional energy in much more depth later.

Mental Energy: The Guide

As you build your sustaining physical energy and a “strong hull” with which to push through the waves in life that will inevitably try to push you back and sometimes sink you, and as you build positive emotional energy as a result of feeling strong and crashing through wave after wave, you begin to build clarity of direction through mental energy or focus.

The Your Possible Life Energy Pyramid Layers Mental Energy Focus

Mental energy is required because to achieve your potential requires focus. Without focus, you are distracted by all the things—the escapes, the daydreams, the gnawing feelings that naturally occur when you make mistakes, everything but the things that actually move you forward to your potential.

Focus is the navigator that points you forward and keeps you pointing forward.

Spiritual Energy: The Guiding Light

Finally, with consistent and sustained practice of all the lower energy levels and with strength welling up from and through them, you will achieve a spiritual energy that reveals your true purpose.

It is inevitable.

The Your Possible Life Energy Pyramid Layers Spiritual Energy Purpose

We all seek purpose and much of our pain is due to a lack of knowing our purpose.

Purpose is what makes a person become the person that everyone else looks to for guidance. Think of Tony Robbins. It is what makes a person rise above all others and shine so bright that we all can’t help but look toward them. Think of any inspiring person that you personally look up to.

The core energies build upward to point you to your true purpose—your true spiritual energy source.

Building Your Pyramid: Where to Start

I am not perfect. I admit it.

Neither are you.

And that’s OK as long as you admit it and don’t let it become an excuse.

Too many of us unconsciously use our imperfections as excuses to be “normal”—an excuse to let all the things that don’t matter consume us and hold us back from building our own pyramid and achieving our potential through the clarity of purpose that it reveals.

I am writing this because I believe I have practiced these energies long enough and consistently enough now to feel that writing this, right now, is MY purpose right now.

Maybe that will change. Maybe with more practice I will find that some other calling is awaiting me but is currently obscured by a fog on the horizon that I don’t even realize exists.

What I DO know is that with a strong hull, and a strong wind, and a focus forward, life will ultimately reveal wherever it is that I am supposed to be.

In the mean time, my purpose is to help you build your pyramid.

Your Possible Life is about this simple idea. Helping you to build your pyramid so that you can find your purpose and achieve potential that you know lies dormant within you.

Do you want to become the YOU that you know you can be?

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